If you’re looking to share a magical experience with your little ones this year, I’m happy to recommend Elfi Santa for Personalised Santa Video or and Letter. They have such a wide range of products, you’re sure to find something magical and unique for your kiddo this Christmas. If you’re looking to surprise your children with something that they’ll remember, or to start a new Family Tradition, there’s no better way than with these Elfi Santa gifts.

Personalised Letter From Santa

Elfi Letter from Santa

These Letters from Santa go above and beyond. I have never seen a system where you can literally edit every single word (or pre-fill with a festive holiday greeting and edit) for your little ones. There even drafts for Grown-Ups! The little additions like the hand-pressed Gold Seal, and the Nice List diploma really put this gift over the top. Especially if delivered in a special red envelope (for an additional fee).

Elfi Letter from Santa

Personalised Santa Video

I have to say, I’m a little bit jealous, being able to receive a personalised video from Santa Claus is just about the next best thing to meeting him in person. The videos that Elfi Santa offers are unique, fun and very festive. There are four messages you can choose for kids (or even one specifically designed for adults), which include personalised name, photograph, special messages and gift items. If you want to bring back the magic of Santa and Christmas to a doubter, this would be a great gift – and it’s all delivered by email within 2 hours! See samples and examples on the Video from Santa page.

Personalised Santa Video by Elfi

There is also a Free Video option, which is short, sweet, and available to view online for only 24 hours after you create it. Perhaps a good way to test-drive the magical experience of getting a personalised Santa video before you buy.


There’s even a Free Personalized Elfi countdown Calendar available for kids!

You gotta check out Elfi for all the amazing personalised video, letters and activities your little one will enjoy to make this Christmas extra magical!