If you are thinking in terms of organizing a family gathering for Christmas or New year, even if just a small-scale poker night, it is of pivotal importance to set the fun tone and the right ambiance for the party. We have come up with unique fun party ideas including themed party food and decoration to make your party extra special and be the talk of the town. Make sure you follow some of the amazing party ideas discussed below to add a dash of fun and excitement to your usual game nights and enjoy an unforgettable night of exciting games and great times!

Begin with a Bang: Special Focus on Invitations & Casino Party Planning

You must be ready with basic supplies for your casino party. Moreover, order some special poker chip plates, napkins, cups, and decorations. You could either buy or consider renting the essential Casino Royale themed night party items highlighted below:

James Bond-inspired formal suits or gangster costumes

·       Playing card decks

·       Casino chips and a poker table

·       Novelty money that could be made on your own or simply bought for convenience

·       Printed guides to win poker hands and basic rules to hot-favorite casino games

Extend a warm welcome and have your poker night party invitees super-thrilled for the upcoming gala event with innovative and creative personalized invites that could be printed for including party-related details. The casino party invitations could be created by you to add a touch of uniqueness. This could be a major fun activity to entice and get your guests excited for your casino party.

Consider enclosing a card-style invitation with a customized favor like a magnet or button.  You may consider including card suit confetti within the envelope containing the invitation for the party of Vegas glitz.  You could go about sealing the envelopes with a customized sticker containing your party information. You may include a special and personalized welcome message.

Casino Gala Event: Innovative & Stunning Decoration Ideas

You may turn the gala event into a truly magical night with stimulating music and bright lights typical of casinos in Las Vegas. Start planning a swanky event. Inform the invitees what you would wish them to wear in line with the dress code for the party. The right decorations could make your party unique from the rest and leave everlasting memories of the night. Decorations would be making all the difference to the overall party ambiance. Some brilliant décor ideas from expert party planners:

  • Start by laying out poker chips or playing cards as table scatter for all casino table decorations.
  • Organize the event in a large open space like a community center to conduct different gambling games. You could consider setting up the poker tables, roulette, and some other popular games of chance.
  • Float balloons all around your party area. You may use bright balloons in striking solid colors that complement the poker chips’ colors. You could add a touch of Las Vegas glitz by using a bold black marker for putting a dollar amount on those balloons.

Red, Green, Back and White all make excellent Christmas/New Year party colour themes.

Some really basic casino decorations may include red plastic swirl décor items, black balloons, holographic starburst balloon in red as the centerpiece, and black paper lanterns, etc. Check out the website for fresh casino party ideas.

  • Playing CardDIY Pendant Light
  • Playing Card garlands wreath
  • Dice & playing cards
  • Novelty poker glasses
  • Money boa or a gangster hat

Do not forget to give your guests a grand welcome by letting them enter in style. Lay out a stunning mini red carpet as a casino party would be incomplete without one. Include giant dice decorations as they are supposed to be a low effort but truly high impact way of transforming your party area into truly a gaming paradise!

Convert Your Doors into Attractive Playing Cards

You may simply cut out a gigantic heart shape and a couple of smaller ones. Position them strategically on your door.

Use a Wow-Factor Centerpiece

Use a striking 3D playing card spherical décor that could be made from old playing cards that are lying around at your home.

Food Ideas for the Casino Bash

Do not forget that your guests would be busy playing so it is best to give finger food that is easy to handle, non-greasy, and yummy to eat. Greasy food should best be avoided so that chips and cards do not become slippery for the guests to handle. You must consider serving white, black, and red foods for complementing the casino theme.

Keep Dice Jell-O Shots Flowing

These miniature cubes of delight are a cocktail and dessert rolled into one. You could simply consider adjusting the vodka proportion in the recipe for suiting everyone’s preference.

Come up with Fascinating Casino Themed Cocktails

There should be a plethora of casino-inspired cocktails in your menu so that guests could have a rollicking time and they should have enough choice.Bake Some Delectable & Jam-Filled Playing Cards and Poker Chip Cookies. These cookies are absolutely delightful party snacks and they look fantastic too!