It’s finally here – 24/7 Christmas Movies are running on Hallmark Channel. The premieres started on Saturday with Christmas at Pemberly Manor (read more about it on our Hallmark 2018 First Look). Now Hallmark has launched an App for you to track your viewing – a Christmas Movie checklist for both Hallmark Christmas channels!

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Countdown to Christmas Hallmark Movie Checklist App

You won’t miss any of your favourites this holiday season with the Countdown to Christmas Movie Checklist.

On the app, you can:
• Add your favourite movies to your “Want to Watch” list
• Find out when they’re premiering
• Add reminders to your calendar so you don’t forget to tune in
• Check off all the movies you’ve watched as you go

The Hallmark Movie Checklist App is only available on for both iPhone and Android.

Hallmark and Sirius XM Launch Christmas Radio Station

Voiced by one of the network’s most beloved stars, Candace Cameron-Bure, Hallmark Channel Radio will launch on Thursday, November 1 and will be accessible through December 29 via satellite on channel 70, through the SiriusXM app on smartphones and other connected devices, as well as online at

If you don’t use Sirius, you can still listen to some of the best Holiday Radio Stations online – have a look at our:

Hope you enjoy all the wonderful Christmas Movies on Hallmark, and listening to the best Christmas Music. Any other tips for how to enjoy Christmas  Entertainment this season, please feel free to drop by our Facebook Group. Happy holidays!