I decided to go on the search for the best easy Easter Craft ideas for kids, because I love all types of crafts, not Christmas Crafts. I found some awesome suggestions which I’m very excited to share with you today. I love spending quality family time doing easy crafts as a family, and these easy Easter craft ideas fit the bill perfectly. They’re simple, inexpensive, and something you can do with preschoolers all the way up to teenagers.

Easy Easter Craft Ideas

As I have a five year old myself, I know that if there’s too much set up, too many steps, or not enough creativity then the craft is going to be a failure. My hope was to find the easiest crafts for kids to do at Easter, and I am happy to share what I found below.

Easter Jars and Bunny Cards

Easter Jars via Suburban-Mum.com on AllThingsChristmas.com

This craft is a bit of a two-for-one. The Easter Jars make a great alternative to mini baskets, and are very easy to make. The cards make great gifts from your kiddos to others! “These are so simple to do but look great! I’ve used one as an Easter Egg gift and one for decoration and I think they’d look great brightening up the home in the run up to Easter.” – via Suburban-Mum.com

Salt Dough Easter Ornaments

If you have your own recipe for Salt-Dough ornaments you use at Christmas, then these will be very familiar. Using pastel colours to decorate and egg and chick shapes turns this easy Easter Craft into something you can cherish for years and years. Have the little ones decorate for them to be even more memorable. Find the full instructions and more lovely photos of these Salt Dough Easter Ornaments on TheTwinkleDiaries.co.uk.

String Wrapped Eggs

I absolutely adore these string wrapped Eggs. This easy Easter craft is perfect if you’re looking to decorate wooden (as in these instructions provided by Craft Invaders) or plastic, or even foam eggs. The string could be hand-died, or even multicoloured wool. I am definitely going to give this one a try this year. Here’s a tip from the original post: “We started our egg wrapping at one of the points of the egg, and wrapped ours with a single piece of string. We covered the top quarter of the egg with the double sided sticky tape cut into little squares, and found it easiest to start the tight spiral in our fingers before pressing it into place.

Origami Easter Chick

This one comes to us via our friends at Origami Expressions. If you’ve never done Origami, this is a fun easy way to start. Follow the simple video instructions provided on the page and you’l have little paper peeps running around in no time with this easy Easter craft.

Stamp Paint Cards

You could use any stamping set, or even make your own. Bunny, Egg, or Chick shapes would be best for the season, see more examples of this creative craft on All About A Mummy.

Edible Puffy Paint

I never would have thought of Melting down Peeps to make tasty, colourful puffy paint, but that’s exactly what they did over at Messy Little Monster, and I love it. While she offers some printables that you can use, I would suggest maybe using some white icing on plastic plates, and really make a tasty creation your kiddos can lick away as a treat!

Easter Play Dough


If you’re looking for something Easter themed that will definitely keep them playing on their own for a little while, why not set up an Easter Play dough set! This idea comes to us from The Ladybirds Adventures, and even includes what she calls “the best no-cook play dough recipe ever”.  This is one you can probably manage with just ingredients and toys around the house!

Washi Tape Easter Egg Suncatcher

Talk about the ultimate Mess-Free Easter Craft. If your little one is anything like mine, they’ll love STICKING things to OTHER THINGS. Especially tape or stickers. If you have some brightly coloured Washi tape (you can also pick some up at any Paperchase), then it’s super easy to set this up, and you’ll have a beautiful window decoration in no time. See more instructions and supplies listed on The Gingerbread House post about this (and did I mention mess-free?) craft!

Quick Daffodil Flower

This simple, yet beautiful Daffodil flower craft is easy enough to make with kids, and simple enough to make dozens of them if you wanted to adorn your home with the bright flowers we most associate with Easter. Using only a few supplies, Hodge Podge Days sets out how to make these, which should only take a few minutes of your time – and brighten up your day. Great for those who don’t have access to a garden full of sunny yellow flowers.

Sock Bunnies

These adorable little bunnies are super easy to make and an excellent way to use up old or mis-matched socks. There’s no sewing required! Head over to Red Kite Days for the full instructions, and the supplies needed, which is definitely things you already have around the house. This is a perfect craft to whip up on a rainy April day!

Educational Easter Craft Pack

If you’re looking for a one-stop-shop for Crafts, creatives and educational print-outs, you have to check out this full Easter Pack by Mrs Mactivity. To download the whole pack you’ll have to get a Premium Membership (don’t worry it only costs £10/year) but if you’re only interested in one or two, there’s also a Free Membership to download individual crafts.

So there we have it – a Round-Up of some of my favourite (and super easy) Easter Crafts – thanks to each of our contributors, and stay tuned for more Easter ideas coming soon!