Christmas Fun and Games

Discover the Best Christmas Games for any occasion. Fun Christmas Party Games, or Family Christmas Games for Adults and Kids. Christmas Jokes & More!

We have  a fantastic list of Christmas Stories available as free eBooks, too!

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Christmas Fun and Games

Unwrap Some Great Offers This Christmas

This Christmas looks like the best time for laying hands on the best deals on games ever! More so for online bingo. Sailor Bingo brings to all Bingo fans out there the best offers to start enjoying the coolest game with the hottest offers. Check this out now! Recreate Online Bingo Excitement 2017 sure will end with some new offer every day, getting the best out of Bingo. If you have not created an account, now is the time and this is the place where the action is on. Just keep coming back to this new bingo site for the…

Christmas Jokes and Stories

A Modern Christmas Carol: Christmas Voices by John Callas

For the past 24 years, the Callas Family has developed a tradition of building a Christmas Village out of Department 56 collectable pieces. The village started out under their Christmas tree with a few selected pieces. Each year the collection grew. It has expanded into a platform that is 5 ½ feet wide and 22 feet long. With over 800 trees, hand carved mountains, gondolas, skiers, trains, special lighting that was created and built specifically for the village, and Charles Dickens porcelain houses, the Callas family is known to be one of the world’s leading collectors at this scale. The…

Christmas Fun and Games

The Best Christmas Board Games

Until recently I didn't even know there were Christmas Board games! These are great for parties, great for kids, or a family night home during the Holidays. Have a  look through the list below and let us know which is your favourite Christmas Board games to play! Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer You've been picked by Santa to help Rudolph(R), Hermey the Elf(TM), and Yukon Cornelius discover all the lost Misfit Toys. Christmas can't begin until the point when this gutsy trio restores all the toys back to the North Pole, so they can be conveyed to a fortunate kid…

Christmas Fun and Games

Christmas Book: The Advent Calendar & Giveaway

We have an absolute treat for you today - a magical, whimsical and holiday-filled Christmas Book that's great for the whole family. The Advent Calendar by Jeremy Davies is a great Christmas book, and has some amazing reviews. We have been lucky enough to set up a giveaway for a Signed copy, see more details below. From the Plot Summary: "Abigail, Jack and Ethan grew up blissfully unaware of the wonders of Christmas, unlike their parents who had tried to come to terms with the loss of this festive season. On a desperately cold winters night over thirty years ago,…