Until recently I didn’t even know there were Christmas Board games! These are great for parties, great for kids, or a family night home during the Holidays. Have a  look through the list below and let us know which is your favourite Christmas Board games to play!

Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer

Best Christmas Board Games 1

You’ve been picked by Santa to help Rudolph(R), Hermey the Elf(TM), and Yukon Cornelius discover all the lost Misfit Toys. Christmas can’t begin until the point when this gutsy trio restores all the toys back to the North Pole, so they can be conveyed to a fortunate kid or young lady. Assemble your companions as all of you travel through a cold winter wonderland on your mission to the Island of Misfit Toys and back to ol’ Saint Nick’s workshop. Will’s it be you to be the first to help Santa?

There are actually a host of ‘Rudolph’ Themed Christmas Board games:
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Tis’ The Season Christmas Trivia

Best Christmas Board Games 2This unique, exemplary Christmas question and answer contest has sold more than 2.5 million duplicates around the world! Including the best questions from Elf, A Christmas Story, Home Alone, Nightmare Before Christmas, White Christmas, It’s a Wonderful Life, Miracle on 34th St., The Grinch, and that’s just the beginning! You’ll never have a dull minute when you go, as our  Christmas board games question and answer trivia is versatile, effortlessly put away, and a breeze to begin playing!

Christmas Charades

Best Christmas Board Games 3

This Christmas Charades game is perfect for a family night in or for Holiday party – the reviews say there’s everything from EASY to VERY DIFFICULT cards and clues – so you may want to modify if playing with younger kids. I can imagine a fun Boxing day with family playing this or another Christmas board games.


Christmas Opoly

Best Christmas Board Games 4

While not made by the same people as “Monoploy” this is far and away the best rated Holiday version of the game – see below for a few others, too.

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The Santa Claus Game

Best Christmas Board Games 5A fantastic game for the whole family. If you’ve ever wanted to pretend to be santa, and deliver presents on Christmas Eve, now is your chance! Each player chooses a sleigh filled with presents, teddy bears, dolls and treats. They roll the die to land on spaces and give the presents to others. Along the way, they participate in various activities such as singing a favorite holiday song, twirling like a snowflake and belting out their best “Ho Ho Ho!”


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