We have an absolute treat for you today – a magical, whimsical and holiday-filled Christmas Book that’s great for the whole family. The Advent Calendar by Jeremy Davies is a great Christmas book, and has some amazing reviews. We have been lucky enough to set up a giveaway for a Signed copy, see more details below.

Christmas Book Advent Calendar

From the Plot Summary:

“Abigail, Jack and Ethan grew up blissfully unaware of the wonders of Christmas, unlike their parents who had tried to come to terms with the loss of this festive season. On a desperately cold winters night over thirty years ago, Father Christmas mysteriously disappeared, leaving the residents of Willow Cove and the wider world without their magical winter holiday.

A typically reckless sledging crash leads Jack and Ethan to the discovery of an enchanting book which has lain hidden for years. With the help of their elder sister they manage to break the secret code and through the magical text in the book, the children undertake a remarkable quest North.  There is magic at work along the way as the children face a race against time to restore pleasure and joy to millions of children across the world.”

The reviews on Amazon are OUTSTANDING, and I couldn’t be more happy to be promoting this book for a giveaway for this Christmas book. You can buy it in Softcover, Hardcover and even eBook format.

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Christmas Book Advent Calendar


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