Christmas Decorations

Decorating for Christmas is one of the most universal ways that we all celebrate the holiday. Christmas Decorations may be different in each culture, and may change over the ages, but decorating for the holidays is one of the most memorable childhood experiences and joyful aspects of Christmas for anyone of any age.

If you want to learn more about the History of some of the most famous Christmas Decorations, visit our Traditions & History section where you can learn more about Christmas Trees, Mistletoe, and Stockings (and lots more!)

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Christmas Decoration Ideas

Here at AllThingsChristmas we want to inspire you to decorate to suit your personal style. We’ve put together a huge listing of the best Christmas Decorating ideas for your home and more. The best Christmas Tree ideas, Outdoor Decorating ideas and lots more. We offer Christmas decorations and inspiration to decorate your whole home, the very best Christmas Home Decor and Christmas home decorating ideas.

Best Christmas Decorating Ideas 2019

There are so many ways to make your home wonderfully decorated for the Holidays. We hope to bring you the best and newest ideas for decorating your home for christmas with Christmas trees, stockings, wreaths, ornaments, Christmas lights and more Christmas Decorations ideas. From vintage to modern, you’ll find lots of fun Christmas Decorating ideas to share with everyone, please feel free to share this page.

The Best Christmas Decoration Ideas from All Things Christmas

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Christmas Decorations

Nightmare before Christmas Decorations!

It's the perfect loophole for Christmas lovers - and especially for those who love Halloween too.  The Nightmare before Christmas is the absolute perfect marriage between the two holidays. It's definitely a Christmas Movie (it's got Santa!) - or is it a Halloween movie (it was released in October!)? Either way, it's the one Christmas themed film that's not off limits in October, and we're ready to decorate for Halloween, Christmas style, with these awesome handmade Nightmare Before Christmas Decorations from Etsy. Decorating is a super important part of both Halloween and Christmas so why not just decorate once and…

Christmas Decorations

Best Fall Christmas Tree Ideas

If our Summer Christmas Tree ideas weren't enough to convince you to pull out and start decorating your tree, hopefully these Fall Christmas Tree ideas will. We have put together some fantastic inspiration to decorate your Christmas Tree (or create your own) for autumn. DIY Leaf Topiary Tree This amazing DIY Project by Thrifty Artsy Gal is an easy (and inexpensive) way to bring some seasonal cheer to any room in the house, and the perfect example of a Fall Christmas tree decoration that everyone will enjoy. Check out her tutorial, and the supplies you'll need below. Tea Tree This…

Christmas Tree Decorations

Vintage Christmas Tree Decorations & Retro Ideas

When looking at a Vintage Christmas Tree or traditional Christmas tree decorations, we think back to the Christmases of our childhoods. For lots of people this nostalgia is at the very heart of their spirit of Christmas, and is a major part of their Christmas Traditions. We have below some of the best examples of Vintage Christmas Tree decorations, and Vintage Tree inspiration so you can recreate your favourite Traditional Christmas Tree from the past and be the center of your Vintage Decor at Christmastime. Below you'll find the ornaments, trimmings and decorations that will make your tree just like…

Christmas Crafts

Easy Pumpkin Craft Ideas

If you're not tired of all Things Pumpkin yet, here are some Easy Pumpkin Craft ideas for kids and adults to enjoy. There are some unique ways to decorate your pumpkins for Halloween, but also a few that would also look good in the winter, closer to Christmas. Confetti Pumpkins These are great as a October Party decoration, for Halloween or even Christmas if you use Red/Green/Gold/Silver tissues. Super easy and fun to do with kids, get the full instructions on Cloudy Day Gray. Supplies for this Craft Yarn Pumpkins These are super-adorable, easy to make, and the idea can…