Giving gifts at Christmas is supposed to be an enjoyable thing to do. It’s always so great when you spend ages picking out a great gift for somebody and you see the look on their face when they open it and they’re really pleased with it. But it’s the first part, picking the gift, that is sometimes a real struggle. Most people are fairly easy to buy Christmas gifts for because you know what they like and if you are really stuck for ideas, you can just ask them and they’ll give you some guidance. You’ll be able to get all of those gifts without any problems, but then you’ll come to the end of the list and have to deal with all of the difficult people.

Everybody has those people in their lives that are impossible to buy gifts for and it’s a constant source of stress every Christmas. There are a few different types of people that are hard to buy gifts for, but you always have options. If you are struggling to think of any ideas, read this list of types of people that are hard to buy gifts for, and what you should get them. 

The Person Who Has Everything

People that like to treat themselves are tough to buy presents for. Whenever they want something, they’ll just buy it, which means that you are not left with many options when Christmas comes around. Even jewellery, which you can buy online here, is also a bit of a risk if you buy your gift early because they might end up buying the same thing before you get a chance to give it to them. These kinds of people will have so much stuff and it’s hard to think of anything that they don’t already have.

The best solution when you are trying to buy gifts for the person that has everything is to buy them an experience of some kind. There’s no point buying them something that they probably already have, but if you get them an experience instead, it makes a nice change. You can get some great experience days like a hot air balloon ride, a flying lesson, or a spa day. They’re a very popular gift so there are so many different options and you’re bound to find something that they will love. If you really can’t choose, you can get a voucher so they can pick something for themselves.

The ‘I Don’t Know’ Person

These are usually the hardest kind of person to buy for. You ask them what they want and they just shrug and say, ‘I don’t know.’ What use is that when you are completely stuck for ideas for a gift? These are the kinds of people that will usually get socks or some other terrible gift that they aren’t really that excited about. But what else are you supposed to get for this kind of person? 

If somebody says ‘I don’t know,’ what they’re really saying is that they don’t really mind that much. They’re not worried about big expensive presents and they’re happy with anything really, so you should stop thinking about anything too extravagant. These people also don’t want things that will clutter up the house. They say that they don’t know because really, they don’t want any more useless gifts. The best thing to do with these people is to think about the small pleasures that they enjoy, and get them some kind of food and drink related gift. If you get candy gifts, chocolate, alcohol, or cooking ingredients, they will be more likely to get some enjoyment out of it.  

The Long Term Partner

When you are at the beginning of a relationship and you are always learning new things about one another and it’s easy to think of fresh and exciting gift ideas every year. But when you have been with somebody for a long time, it can be hard to come up with new ideas each Christmas, and you fall into habits of buying the same old things over and over again. It’s hard because you want to get them something that shows that you care, but you don’t have any fresh ideas at all, so you end up buying something that is very low effort. 

There are a couple of ways around this problem. If it’s something that you both struggle with, why not just skip the gifts completely? Instead of spending money on gifts for one another, why don’t you both agree to put the money into savings for a vacation? You’re still getting something nice out of it but you don’t have to worry about finding gifts. The time spent together will be more meaningful than the lackluster gifts that you buy anyway. 

If you do still want to buy gifts, you will have to find ways to come up with something more interesting. Something personalized is always good because it’s a bit more thoughtful and it has more meaning attached to it. When it comes to gift ideas for women, you could look into personalized jewelry or jewelry boxes. For men, something like a personalized wallet works well. You could also create a photo book with lots of great pictures and memories from your time together. You don’t need to worry about spending lots of money as long as you get something thoughtful.

The Teenager

Teenagers in the family are probably the hardest people to buy gifts for because their tastes change so quickly. They might love something one minute but the next minute, they’ve decided that it’s not cool anymore and they’re not interested in it. There are some gifts that they might like, but with teenagers, it’s always a risk. Regardless of what you get them, there is always going to be some problems with it, so what are you supposed to do? It might not seem like an exciting gift and some people don’t like doing it, but giving money is usually your best option with teenagers. It’s an uninspired gift for adults, but most teenagers would much rather have the money and decide what they want to spend it on themselves, instead of getting a gift that they are disappointed with. 

We all have these people in our lives and when the festive season rolls around, you will probably be stressing about what gifts to get them. But hopefully, this article will give you some good ideas so you can get your shopping out of the way early.

Hard to Buy For People Infographic