Is it too early to start thinking about Christmas? No, it’s never too early. For those of us who’ve been planning the big day since July, Christmas is getting tantalisingly close but there’s still an awful lot to do and get organised.

In this blog we’re looking at your Christmas Countdown, a list that’s going to help you stay on track as you plan a Christmas meal that brings all the family together.

Write it Down…in Order

It’s all in your head, so now’s the time to get it all down on paper. Go backwards from Christmas Day lunch and plan out when to do your big Christmas food shop. Chances are you’re going to need to start making space in your freezer so you’ll have to start eating up what’s in there already and plan your shopping around keeping that space free.

Have you nailed down all the invitees for Christmas Day? Anyone who hasn’t committed as yet needs to be chased and asked for their final decision, then you are free to think about seating arrangements and if you’ll need to borrow extra chairs.

The Night Before Christmas

This is the time when the preparation really gets underway. Do as much as you can before tomorrow and you’ll be saving yourself a lot of stress. Have family members pitch in, peeling vegetables, doing the gift wrapping, anything that allows you to get a lot of the work done now.

We know we shouldn’t have to say this but do make sure that anything that needs to come out of the freezer now for tomorrow is out and defrosting in plenty of time.

On The Day

This is when your list, complete with all the timings really comes into its own. Get the meat underway and cooking before anything else and then follow your timings to get all the vegetables and accompaniments underway.

Join the family in their morning rituals of opening an Ugly Christmas Sweater followed by something a whole lot nicer as you start to get the table ready.

Your table is going to be the centrepiece of the room, laden with food, crackers and a seasonal centrepiece that you chose well in advance of this special day.

Christmas is such a special time, it brings families together and allows you to establish some traditions that your own children will pass on in their own families when they’re grown up.

It allows you to treat those you love the most to some special gifts and some seriously good food. Start that list done in plenty of time to allow you to get the practical timings right, that will leave you feeling fully in control and reduce the amount of work and stress that’s needed to bring it all together at the right time.

Christmas is the time for family and friends to spend quality time together so get planning for a festive time where you’re creating memories you’ll want to look back on again and again.