The Elf on the Shelf was first introduced to me 4 years ago and instantly I loved the idea (I am a bit mad for Christmas!). Freddie was just 3 when we started the tradition and not only was it a hit for me, he absolutely loved it. We started with just one elf and we are currently on 4 elves plus a reindeer! If you are not familiar with this concept I will explain below:

What is the Elf on the Shelf?

At the North Pole, Santa has many helpers who make the Christmas season special! His scout elves serve as his eyes and ears in homes around the world. The Elves play special roles in creating Christmas spirit that will help Santa complete all of his Christmas duties. They traditionally come on the 1st December and watch the children’s behaviour before flying back to Santa every night to report back. They reappear in the morning in a different place so the kids have to go and find them.

How do you incorporate an Elf Door?

As I am a bit super crazy for Christmas, we start the festivities around mid-November!! We create an elf door construction zone where there are workers getting the elf door ready! As you can see, we take it fairly seriously!! The Elf on the Shelf door then magically appears on the 1st December with the arrival of the elf on the shelf. 




Naming your Elf on the Shelf

The first year your elf arrives you ask your child to name him /her. We have a number of different elves! Freddie decided on Twinkletoes for his first main Elf. But we also have Sparkles, Snowflake and the others we have are not named! Thank God as it is so hard to keep on top of remembering all of the names of his invisible friends and teddy bears as it is!!!  

What is a North Pole Breakfast?

With the arrival of the Elf on December 1st we have a big celebration called a North Pole Breakfast. This is where the elf creates a magical little party with lots of naughty Christmassy food. He also invites some of Freddie’s friends to join in the party! The elf creates lots of unhealthy and healthy treats, such as banana and strawberry candy canes, and gingerbread houses.

How does the Elf Create Good Behaviour?

With the arrival of the Elf we use Elf Report Cards. Each night the elf leaves one of these notes by Freddie’s bed side saying whether the Elf thought he had been good that day or if his behaviour needing improving. This works really well, the thought of Santa watching his behaviour on the run up to Christmas is a great motivator! We believe that this daily reminder encourages great behaviour and reminds Freddie to be kind every day. If he has been super good the elf might leave a little present, like a chocolate bar, or a new Christmas book.

What does the Elf get up to?

Our Elf on the shelf is a good elf and as such isn’t naughty. On the last day of November while Freddie is sleeping the elf changes his bedding to a Christmas duvet, and also changes ours. So, when he gets into our bed in the morning his little face lights up as he knows it is time for the fun to begin!

What is a Christmas Eve Box?

Every year on Christmas Eve the elf on the shelf brings Freddie a box of goodies in time for Christmas Day! The elf leaves the following in the box each year:

  • Christmas PJ’s
  • Christmas Film that we all watch as a family just before bedtime.
  • Snowman Soup (hot chocolate and marshmallows – we make our own. Have a look on Pinterest for some great ideas)
  • Reindeer Food (we make a bag of this to sprinkle in the garden before bed)
  • Christmas Book that Freddie will now read to us
  • Slipper Socks
  • Christmas Chocolates / Popcorn

When does the Elf leave?

The elves last day is Christmas Eve. On Christmas Eve night they fly off with Santa to help distribute the presents to all the boys and girls. 


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