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Other Holidays

Post-Christmas Blues? Top Tips for Foodie Holidays.

Now that Christmas is gone and all the rush is over, you might feel a little down. To counteract the post-Christmas blues you can embark in a foodie holiday to entice your taste buds with other flavours. A foodie holiday is a holiday during which you allow yourself to enjoy the best foods from the countries you are visiting. In other words, you are actually visiting specific countries just to have a bite from their traditional dishes. Each nation is famous for at least one dish, so why not try them on the go. Here are the best destinations for…

Other Holidays

Celebrate Waffle Day on March 25th!

Not just for Christmas morning, waffles can be enjoyed anytime of year, but there's one date in particular where the people of Sweden enjoy these tasty treats - on March 25th, Waffle Day! The folks at VonChef wanted my help in spreading the word about this unique Swedish tradition, so they sent me a waffle maker. I spent one morning this week whipping up a small batch of waffles with my daughter, and  it couldn't have been easier. I'll share with you our Waffle making adventures while I tell you a bit more about Waffle Day - and how you…