Not just for Christmas morning, waffles can be enjoyed anytime of year, but there’s one date in particular where the people of Sweden enjoy these tasty treats – on March 25th, Waffle Day!

Waffle Day on

The folks at VonChef wanted my help in spreading the word about this unique Swedish tradition, so they sent me a waffle maker.

I spent one morning this week whipping up a small batch of waffles with my daughter, and  it couldn’t have been easier. I’ll share with you our Waffle making adventures while I tell you a bit more about Waffle Day – and how you can celebrate it too!

What is Waffle Day? The History of Waffle Day.

When you think of Waffles, it’s likely that an entirely different country comes to mind, everyday is Waffle Day in Belgium. In order to properly understand why Waffle day is celebrated on March 25th in Sweden, you first need to know that the Christian holiday ‘Feast of the Annunciation’ is on this date – which is also known as Lady Day. In Swedish this is Vårfrudagen which sounds delightfully similar to Våffeldagen, which is Swedish for Waffle Day. This feast marks the beginning of spring (just a few days after the Equinox) and part of those celebrations include feasting on – you guessed it, Waffles.

How to Celebrate Waffle Day

It’s pretty simple actually. Just eat Waffles! If you’re in Sweden you’ll likely be able to get this treat especially in cafes and restaurants on this day. But there’s no requirement to go out – simply make your own at home! The Visit Sweden tourism site even has a recipe if you’re looking for something authentic. As they mention, waffles are particularly enjoyed on the run-up to Christmas, too.

Making Waffles

So, lets do it. For my own Waffle morning, I had my daughter help me mix up a batch of almond-flour waffles.

Mix your Batter


 Butter/Spray your surface and add your batter.


Close the lid and cook. Since I have a rotating waffle maker, after a minute or two we flip it for more even cooking (and it makes the wait a little easier).

It takes about 7 minutes for waffles to come out golden brown.

Top with whatever your favourite topping is. Lydia likes to put Honey in each and every square!

The most important part – Enjoy!

If you end up making your own waffles, please share photos on All Things Christmas Facebook Group, I’d love to see your tasty treats!

Happy Waffle Day, everyone (or Glad vaffeldag!)