Not only does this shop have some of the best designed Christmas Cards, they also offer personalised gifts for book lovers. Their artistic book quotes are phenomenal, and make a perfect gift! There's not much else to say about this shop, except that it's amazingly creative, and some of their items are so, so very festive. Have a look at a few of our favourite options for probably the best Christmas Cards you'll ever send out. Can we even talk about how magical these are? I could die. Best of all they come in packs!   Check them out on Facebook,…


All Things Tinsel

Some of the best vintage-inspired, chunky and very beautiful jewellery. Using lots of pearls and crystals, these handmade items are perfect for Christmas gifts, or for a winter wedding. I think that most of the items below would also make a perfect heirloom Christmas gift. Here are some of our favourite pieces:    From statement to delicate, the pearl, silver and rhinestone pieces are absolutely stunning. I also love the simple Antler pendant on her shop: Why not visit All Things Tinsel and see more. Follow her on Facebook and get more info about this shop, and her other work.…


Ornament Shop

Ornament shop is one of the largest, and most popular online retailers for personalised ornaments. We've picked our favourite Family Theme options here! We're including Ornament Shop within our favourite Christmas Tree Decorations because it's hands down, the best place to find the widest variety of personalised Christmas Tree Ornaments. here are just a few selections of the Family themed ornament options, but visit their page for an amazing treat on all the fantastic and unique options they have!