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Hallmark Movie Checklist App & Countdown to Christmas Radio

It's finally here - 24/7 Christmas Movies are running on Hallmark Channel. The premieres started on Saturday with Christmas at Pemberly Manor (read more about it on our Hallmark 2018 First Look). Now Hallmark has launched an App for you to track your viewing - a Christmas Movie checklist for both Hallmark Christmas channels! Get our Free Printable Schedule for BOTH Hallmark Channels Countdown to Christmas Hallmark Movie Checklist App You won’t miss any of your favourites this holiday season with the Countdown to Christmas Movie Checklist. On the app, you can: • Add your favourite movies to your “Want…

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Hallmark 2018 Christmas Movies Full Schedule

It's the most wonderful time of the year. For many, the holidays mean one thing - loads and and loads of heartwarming (sometimes a little sappy) made-for-tv Christmas Movies courtesy of Hallmark. The annual tradition of Countdown to Christmas on the Hallmark Channel is getting bigger and better each year. Combined with the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries channel - there are 36 brand-new Hallmark Christmas Movies for 2018. Here is the full list - and the full schedule for both channels in one easy to print Download. Updated April 2019: See our new Monthly Schedule for all Christmas Hallmark Movies…

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It’s Christmas, Eve – First Hallmark Christmas 2018 Trailer

The first Hallmark Christmas Trailer for 2018 is here! The movie is called "It's Christmas, Eve" and it's starring the famous country music star Leann Rimes! The movie was previously announced when Hallmark kicked off a preview to it's famous annual Countdown to Christmas programming schedule, and we had a Hallmark Channel sneak peek. As the trailer states, it's never too early (especially for Christmas Fans like ourselves) to start to get excited for the amazing list of Hallmark Christmas Movies coming in 2018 - and this is the first trailer that they've released, and we're happy to show it…

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New Hallmark Christmas Movies 2018 First Look

Hallmark is already busy making ready to deck your halls this Christmas with their own unique brand of authentic Hallmark Christmas movies. Lets go over what they've announced already and find out whats in store for the New Hallmark Christmas Movies in 2018. New Hallmark Movies for Christmas 2018 The Full Schedule is now Available Click Here: Hallmark Channel and Hallmark movies & Mysteries Channel have announced that they will unveil 34 original new Hallmark Christmas movies in 2018. That’s topping their record for the pair of networks, which ultimately debuted altogether 33 New Hallmark Christmas movies last year. (And…