Christmas Cookies and Desserts

Making a Gingerbread House

Guest Post by Deyvid Dimitrov I already bought my plane ticket back home for the holidays, wearing a sweater, drinking hot ginger tea, and listening to Christmas music, I am fully ready for the festivities to begin. I was wondering how should I mark the beginning of this magical time of the year, and what better way than printing out a recipe for a Gingerbread house, and attempting to make one from scratch? Forget about those boxes retailers sell around this time, we are making the cookie dough, the templates for cutting, we are putting everything together, decorating the house,…

Christmas Cookies and Desserts

Best Christmas Gingerbread Recipes

If you are looking to bake over the holidays, odds are you would like to find that perfect Gingerbread Recipe. You know, the one that's not too sweet, not too spicy, and makes you think of all the Christmases of your childhood? The smell of gingerbread baking in the house is a surefire way to get everyone into the Christmas Spirit, so we've gathered up a few of the absolute best Gingerbread Recipes for you to try over the holidays. We're sure you'll find one that's perfect for you. We will start off with the domestic queen, Martha Stewart. She's…