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Christmas Traditions

Christmas Candy Canes History

Everyone drools at the view of the delicious Candy Canes. It is so delicious that many, especially at Christmas, will rush for it. Candy canes are nothing but a stick candy, which has the shape of a cane and is mainly found around Christmas season. Discovered in Germany, this traditional sweet traditionally has its own flavor of peppermint along with red stripes over a white body. Although in modern times Christmas Candy Canes can be found in almost any flavour, including Bacon. Who Invented Candy Canes? The legend begins in 1670 where a Choir Master used strait, stick (unflavoured) candies…

Christmas Home Decor

Best ways to Decorate your Kitchen for Christmas

I often like to tackle decorating a room of the house that doesn't get as much attention for Christmas Decorating. Like our Tips for Decorating your Bedroom at Christmas, I've decided to take on the next most-neglected room in the house (besides the bathroom, but don't rule it out) - the Kitchen.   Photo by The Appliance Judge   It's a bit ironic that the kitchen can often be overlooked for festive decorating, considering that the kitchen can be the hub of family activity over the holidays. Between baking festive goodies, or family meals - you might even spent more…