Cars are huge investments, and probably the most significant gift you will ever give. In fact, the total car retail sales are 80% higher in December compared to other months, according to Forbes.  While you could take the recipient to a dealership and allow them to select their gift, there is no fun in that. Of course, you want to surprise them and see their reaction on a Christmas morning. To make the surprise great, start learning how to save and afford presents, shop for the right car, and use sneaky tricks to present the gift.

Consult a Car Expert at Your Local Dealership

Start by informing your local car dealer what you are planning. Let them know the style of the gift recipient and ask them to recommend a model that fits them. Car dealers are familiar with different personalities. They will use the details you have provided to offer solid advice that will guide you in selecting cars based on the latest model that matches the style of your loved one. Also, make sure your auto dealer will keep the vehicle in their shop until the special day arrives. That way, you can arrange on how to deliver the gift without the recipient suspecting.

Ask a Close Friend or Relative to Help

Though you can easily purchase a vehicle with no help, insights from a close friend or relative will come in handy. You want to ensure the car you are buying meets the recipient’s desires in terms of comfort, safety, and convenience. So choose someone close to the recipient and can offer tips for purchasing the right car. Avoid an individual who is likely to reveal the secret. They may ruin your plans for surprising your spouse, child, or friend.

Use Creative Ways to Present the Gift

There are countless ways to surprise someone with a car. You only need to find one that doesn’t make the gift an easy guess. Instead of placing a big bow on the hood, wrap the keys put them in a large box. You can arrange a series of boxes from largest to the smallest or vice versa and let the recipient work hard to find the keys. This will make the surprise one of a lifetime because they will expect nothing more than a gift in the garage, only to find out that it is a car.

Surprising a loved one with a car gift for Christmas is not just for the moment but an experience that will last for a lifetime. It is a sign that you love and care, hence strengthen your bond. After all, ’tis the season of bringing joy to those you love.