Happy Friday the 13th everyone! We are here to share our list of favourite Scary Christmas Movies to get you both in the holiday spirit and give you goosebumps! Here is the round up of the best spooky, scary, creepy Christmas movies.


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Some people argue that this isn’t a Christmas Movie at all, and while it was release in June in the USA, it came out over November and December in Europe and the rest of the world. It has a strong Christmas-theme, and definitely sits in the category of spooky (or at least creepy).

Jack Frost

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Not the Michael Keaton version, this one is about a killer snowman. More specifically it’s about a Serial Killer who is transformed into a snowman, and continues to do this thing. Maybe best of all it’s only an hour and a half – worth having on in the background at a Halloween party, at least!


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A surprisingly high quality cast for our Scary Christmas Movies list, this one is about the wrath of a demonic being that hunts non-believers of Christmas. A little different than the Polar Express approach.

Black Xmas

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The reviews on this one are surprisgly good for a run of the mill Horror Flick, with of course, a dash of Yuletide thrown in. A quasi-remake of the classic Black Christmas – a poineer in the Scary Christmas Movies genre.

Black Mirror – White Christmas

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I’ve saved the best for last. While maybe not one of a Scary Christmas Movies in the strictest sense (it’s not really ‘Scary’ or for that matter, a Movie), it’s one of the best creepy, unnerving, and terrifying Christmas-themed television productions ever. For those familiar with Black Mirror – you’ll know what to expect.

Those our our favourites, although of course tehre are even more Scary Christmas Movies or Xmas Horror films to choose from. Which is your favourite?

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