One question I seem to get asked a lot when I talk about running a Christmas Blog is ‘what would you ask for Christmas if Money was no object’ Which is a bit of a strange question – it’s not the type of thing you usually think about. To be honest, I barely even think about what I actually want for Christmas, from my friends/family or Husband. I hope that doesn’t make me hard to shop for!

So, when I was asked to write about what I would do for Christmas from if I won the lottery, I had to think about it. I mean, couldn’t winning the lottery count as your Dream Christmas Gift itself? But then I realized that I had a few ideas. So here’s my Dream Christmas list – if I won the Lottery (or hey, Husband, if you win – that would work too!).

Big Cottage Family Christmas

The first thing I would do is spend Christmas with my whole family, and all my friends, in a big Winter Cottage. If I won the lotto, I’d fly home to Canada for a few weeks, and decorate a cozy cottage to the nines!

Post-Christmas Vacation in the Sun

After Christmas can be a little bit of a downer – you have to un-decorate, and it’s still cold and dark for months to come – it’s the perfect time to go on relaxing family vacation, ideally someplace sunny and warm.

Spa Day (or Weekend!)

Since we don’t actually have any time off in the new year to take a vacation, perhaps a more reasonable request would be to just take a full day (or two) to get pampered at the Spa. During Christmas holidays, or even a day or two before the big day would be the perfect treat.

My Own Crown

For someone like myself who doesn’t care much for jewellery, I’ve often wondered what it would be like to have my very own crown. Or tiara, really. I think it should be more socially acceptable to wear jewellery on our heads during regular everyday situations. Okay, maybe just on date-nights or dinner parties.

All The Cats

This one might not be based entirely on money issues, In my current home I’m simply not allowed pets. But if I won the lottery, I’d buy a whole second apartment devoted entirely to the comfort and happiness of my cats. Like, four at least, but probably six. And I would visit them every day and snuggle and play with them – and it would be heaven. (As long as I remembered to take my allergy medication).

So there you have it – if I won the lottery with you can find me at some sunny resort, I’ll be the one holding four cats with the crown.