Congratulations, we’re officially halfway through winter! While this news has many people excited and looking forward to consistent warm weather, it also means making the most of what’s left of winter. While we’re currently in that post-Christmas decoration lull, your home can begin to feel bare and less cheerful. This is the perfect time to embrace the winter and add some hygge to your home’s decor. 


Just in case you haven’t heard of it, hygge (pronounced “hoo-gah”) is based on the Scandinavian way of life that promotes happiness by surrounding yourself with comfort and coziness. Adding these cozy elements into your home’s decor will make you feel more relaxed and content, thus helping you make it through the end of winter. 

Here are some ways you can hygge your winter home decor:

Roaring Fireplace

Nothing says winter coziness at home quite like a warm fire burning in your fireplace. Sitting near a lit fire, drinking hot chocolate as the snow and chilly wind whip outside is the picturesque winter evening at home. If your home doesn’t have a built-in fireplace, don’t worry. You still can enjoy the warmth of a fire in your home this winter with an electric fireplace. You can even find electric fireplace entertainment centers to save you some space while still giving you the feel you’re looking for. Make this new decor addition the focal point of your space to really embrace the cozy benefits your fireplace brings.

Comfy Seating

We ask a lot of our home’s seating, especially during winter months when we’re spending more time indoors. Make sure your sofa is up to the task of providing comfort to you, your family and your guests. An old and worn out one just won’t cut it. Think about how much time you and your family spend on it. All of that time accumulates and leads to your seating becoming worn out and not as comfortable as it once was. If you’re struggling to find comfortability while sitting, look for a new sofa with comfortable cushions to meet your needs. Now, not only will you have a nice place to sit, but you’ll also enjoy the room a lot more.  

Plush Accessories

Once you have your seating taken care of, it’s important to outfit it with cozy accessories to make spending your time there even more enjoyable. Throw pillows and blankets make great additions to instantly make any space comfy. Faux fur is a great way to add texture and coziness in those items as well, plus you can find them in plenty of colors if you’re looking to add a pop to the room. You’ll be extremely content when you curl up with that new blanket and pillow to binge your favorite Netflix series.  

Themed Bedding

Hygge-ing your decor doesn’t have to stay limited to your living areas. Expand the trend into your bedroom for some extra coziness in a place where you should always find comfort. Accessorize your bed with winter themed bedding to bring the season inside. A vintage Christmas village duvet doesn’t have to only be used during the month of December. The winter theme can and does extend throughout the entire season, bringing that joy you feel when you look at your Christmas decorations beyond just the Christmas season.

Fuzzy Rugs

No one enjoys walking on a hardwood or tile floor during the chilly winter months. Even with your heat turned on, those flooring options always leave your feet frozen. Strategically place some fuzzy rugs around your home to help your feet be cozy throughout the rest of winter. Some great placements include under your coffee table extending to your sofa, on the side of your bed for when you get up in the morning, and even in your bathroom. This way, both you and your feet will be happy and cozy for the rest of the winter season.