So, it’s no secret that I love decorating for Christmas. I spend way too much time (and lets be honest, probably money) decorating for Xmas. But, when it comes to other holidays, I just don’t have the same enthusiasm. I think it’s because I’ve collected Christmas Decorations over the years, but I’ve not put the same effort into buying ones for Easter – but luckily there are lots of really fantastic DIY Easter Decor ideas. I do love crafts, and some you can make with supplies you probably already have around the house.

DIY Easter Decor Ideas

I’ve put together a list below of my favourite ideas from a few amazing collaborators below. Most of these can be family activities that you can do together, DIY Easter Decor ideas for you to spend quality time together this Easter! Enjoy!

Spring Flower Wreath

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This super easy, mess-free wreath idea from Pink’s Charming is the perfect springtime craft that you can use as a door decoration for Easter, or all spring long. There are several different variations and instructions. If you’re looking for more Summer Wreath ideas, I have a whole article with a few more suggestions (some DIY, some you can buy).

Easy, Cheap & Cheerful Easter Tree

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Taking just a few fallen branches and some homemade Easter decorations as well as a few other decor items you can have a very cute, and seasonal Easter Tree. You could keep it rustic like this one, or add glitter/paint to make it more festive for Easter.  I just adore this really natural looking one which comes from Dolly Dowsie and she provides more details on her site. Head over to her page for more information about this particular tree, and how she decorates for Easter, and more.

Preserved Moss Pots

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Potted plants are one of the most iconic Easter decorations. Why not kick it up a notch with decorating your terracotta (or plastic) pots with some preserved moss, which looks awesome and will work for outdoors or indoors decorating. Craft Invaders has an excellent article with instructions on how to decorate these Spring themed pots, which would even make for very clever and rustic Easter Baskets if you’re looking to make something more nature-centric. They have a few other Springtime craft projects you should check out too, while there.

DIY Easter Centerpeice

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Bringing it indoors for a bit, lets talk about Easter Dinner, or even Brunch. When decorating your home, you’ll want to have an outstanding table setting if you’re hosting guests, and I absolutely adore this DIY Bunny Centerpeice by Tales from Home. Most of the supplies from this are from her local Dollar Store, so it’s a very affordable way to create something that you could spent way too much on for a pre-made one. Check out the instructions, and of course, add your own flair and personal bits!

Pom Pom Spring Garland

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Here’s one that’s half Craft, half Decor, and something the kiddos will like best. This adorable Bunny/Bee spring pom pom garland is great for either a mantle (as shown) or on an Easter Tree. Could be strung on a wall, or across a door frame, the possibilities are endless. Although this one takes a bit more effort that some of the other DIY Easter Decor Ideas, it’s well worth it. Check out the full instructions on A Rose Tinted World!

Easy Easter Paper Wreath

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If you’re looking for a quick craft with supplies that you probably already have around the house, then this is the perfect one for you. This is a great craft for little ones, if they’re working on their cutting. I know that my five year old LOVES Tracing shapes, so the egg-template would be a big hit around my house. Head over to Mummy Snowy Owl to get the full list of supplies and instructions.

Painted Paper Easter Egg Bunting

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Along the same lines, and from the same blog, we’ve got this awesome craft which takes the same cut-out idea but adds some colourful painting to the mix and strings these wonderful creations together to make awesome Paper Bunting. Very similar instructions as the wreath, but pop over to Mummy Snowy Owl if you have any questions about supplies.

Easter Bunny Wreath

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Last wreath, I promise. But, I had to include this adorable vine-inspired spring/Easter wreath from Cassie Fairy. A very clever way to take a slightly-tacky looking wreath (you may already have, or bought just for the frame) and adding your own extra peices to make something that’s more tasteful and cute. She’s got more instructions and details about the supplies she used on her page – head over for this and other great DIY Easter Decor ideas.

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