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All Things Christmas aims to be the best online Christmas Community and resource for celebrating the most Wonderful time of the Year, Christmas! We’re dedicated to sharing the Christmas Spirit All Year-Round! Online for over a decade, and relaunched in 2017 with a fresh new look and ongoing new content to enjoy the season!

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About Chantelle Joy Otto
Site Administrator

Many people love Christmas, but few as much as [Chantelle] Otto.” – Toronto Star, 2013

I joined ATC Forum in November 2008 and became a moderator and co-administrator shortly after. I’m proud of our online community, our members are the most thoughtful and wonderful Christmas fans around. I was delighted to have redesigned AllThingsChristmas in 2017 and continue to add new content every holiday season. I want to create the best online source for celebrating ‘the most wonderful time of the year’!

My daughter Lydia helps me with many of the articles and features in lots of our posts – she is my little Elf and she loves Christmas just as much as I do.


Chantelle Joy & Lydia Joy, Team ‘AllThingsChristmas’

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My Mother is a Christmas Elf
‘My Mother is a Christmas Elf’

Written by Chantelle Joy Otto, Illustrated by  Angelina Earley.
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