As we tirelessly prepare for Christmas – wrapping gifts, visiting family and friends, cooking the turkey – it can be easy to forget that a lot of people will be spending Christmas away from their families this festive season. There are some of us who work thankless jobs – clocking in on days when we really rather wouldn’t, but there are also those of us who work far from home – very far – and simply won’t be able to make it.

Yes, it’s important to remember those out there who are members of the armed forces and won’t have the privilege of visiting family this Christmas. For many, they will have not seen loved ones in the flesh for months, but in this new heartwarming video from Ecolog International, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they have to miss out on the Christmas spirit.

Ecolog International is probably one of the biggest companies you’ve never heard of. They do so much work around the world it’s difficult to keep track of it all – supply chain, construction, technology, facility management and environmental services. They also work with governments, defence, humanitarian organisations and companies in oil & gas, mining, energy and infrastructure.

Thei short film, titled Happy Holidays from Ecolog, opens with a mother baking her son a Christmas pudding. She lovingly wraps the gift, and then enlists Ecolog with transporting it from the UK, to where her son is stationed, over 8,000 miles in the Falklands. The film ends with the son in his barracks, enjoying his pudding whilst speaking with his mother via Skype. It’s a really heartwarming film, showing the work Ecolog do to ‘serve those who serve’.

Accompanying the video is I’ll Be Back for Christmas, a brand new song from Amy May Ellis and Will Cookson. Whilst not a traditionally sounding Christmas song, it has a catchy beat with beautiful lyrics which are delicately sung.

So when you’re wrapping gifts for your loved ones this year, why not take a moment to think about those who won’t get chance to see their families this Christmas? At least with Ecolog doing their work (year round, of course, not just at Christmas) they’re able to bring people a piece of Christmas from home, even if they’re not able go home for themselves.

For more information on Ecolog International check out their website.