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Christmas Carols & Lyrics

Origin and History of Christmas Carols

Christmas Carols have been a part of Christmas celebrations for hundreds of years. The History of Christmas Carols starts with the tradition of singing at churches (as hymns) and has become more widespread and popular among the masses. There is a distinct difference between a “Christmas carol” and a “Christmas song”. Christmas carols can often be sung by a choir and usually have simple and straightforward rhythms. This is rarely the case for pop and rock songs, which often have more complex compositions. Why are they called Christmas Carols? The most fantastic explanation of the term, “Christmas carol”, originates from England.…

Christmas Carols & Lyrics

Christmas Songs for Kids, Lyrics & Activities

We've put together some of the best Christmas songs for Kids and create printable Lyrics and activity sheets for you download free! Use our Children Christmas Song Lyrics free printable with your kids. Listening and singing Christmas music is one of the most fun traditions to do with kids, you'll enjoy singing along with Christmas Music for kids. All of the most famous and well known songs are included in the lyric sheets, like Frosty the Snowman, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, Here comes Santa Claus, even all Twelve Days of Christmas full lyrics to share and print. We have…