The truth about Christmas is that it can get very expensive, very quickly. Between buying decorations, all the food, travelling to see family and not to mention gifts! Sometimes by the time November or December roll around we very much wish we had the forethought to put aside a bit more money. Or, maybe you’re looking for tips to celebrate all the Christmas cheer on a budget. Well, either way, I’ve got a few awesome tips for you so you can afford a fantastic Christmas no matter how much money you have in your pocket.

Christmas Money Saving Tips for the Whole Year

Saving Up For Christmas

The most often tip I hear is that you should put away a little bit of money each month towards your Christmas fund. This is a tried and true method for anything you’re saving up for be it travel or a new computer. There are lots of banking apps and systems that can help you put away even just $20 per pay cheque so you’ll have a few extra hundred to spend at Christmas at the end of the year.

A Little Extra Shopping

DIY Hampers (for yourself or to five for Charity) are a really smart idea so that all of your food needs are taken care of come December. A few years ago we published an article about creating a DIY Christmas Hamper on a Budget and it’s been a very popular article. The idea is that you use $5 a week to buy one or two nonperishable items you’ll need later in the year. If you don’t use your money it saves over to the next. Maybe you’ll find a few items that are on sale each week that would go great with your Christmas dinner, why not pick them up and put them away for December?

Christmas Money Saving Tips for the Whole Year

Keep an Eye on Sales

It’s obvious that the really popular items each year for Christmas not only sell out, but also never go on sale when you need them to. Argos in the UK has already released what it thinks are going to be the top toys for Christmas 2019. If you’re thinking of stocking up, or buying a bigger ticket item whilst its on sale earlier in the year. As sales sometimes last only a few days, if you don’t have the cash on hand you could borrow over the shorter term, and pay it back on payday!

Inexpensive Decorations

One of the best things about running a Christmas themed website is being able to stare at pages and pages of Christmas Crafts, any time of year. The ones I’m always most impressed with are the ones created on a very strict budget. Sometimes called ‘Dollar Store Hacks’, the idea is that you get a couple of really inexpensive items, and craft yourself something stunning. Instead of buying a bespoke, fancy centre piece, make your own. Stay tuned to our site for a lot of these ideas coming up later in the year.

Thrift shopping (or in the UK called Charity shops) is one of the best way to snag some awesome Christmas Decor for next to nothing. I’ve seen some folks able to find some really authentic Vintage Christmas Decorations for just a few dollars. Go early in the season (think: September/October), otherwise all of the good stuff might already be gone!

Christmas Money Saving Tips for the Whole Year

DIY Ornaments

When I was a kid, 90% of the ornaments on our Christmas Tree were made of cardboard, salt-dough, pasta, or paper. Check our our Christmas Crafts section as we’re always updating with awesome craft ideas for kids and adults, most of which can be used to decorate your tree or house. Some of the best ornaments are ones that your family has lovingly made together, and what’s better than spending time together at Christmas?

Do you have any other tips for Budgeting for Christmas All Year Long?
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