It’s the middle of May, so naturally we’re starting to think about all the fun we’re going to have over the Holiday season this year. Right?

Home Alone is obviously one of the best and most important Christmas Movies of all time. Lets see how well you know this Christmas Classic with the first ever All Things Christmas Quiz!

What does Kevin like on his Pizza?

How many Siblings does Kevin Have?

A house full of kids, and no parents. The McCallister Clan is a big one, but how many of them are Kevin's actual siblings?

Which Airport are the McCallisters flying from?

What's the name of the Movie Kevin watches?

What does Kevin ask this shop lady?

Is Buzz worried about Kevin?

Who is this kind gentleman?

What does Kevin ask this Santa for Christmas?

Who gets injured first, and how?

What gets burned into Harry's hand?

Why is Kevin Calling the Police?

What's Marv going to do with the Crowbar?

What do Harry & Marv say they are going to do to Kevin?

How did the rest of Kevin's Family get home by Christmas?

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