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Before I start with my post, I’d like to start by saying a big thank you to Chantelle for allowing me to be a guest on her blog, it’s an honour and I really hope you enjoy this.

I also want to quickly introduce myself, my name is Alanna but I typically go by A. I run which is sadly coming to an end in December, just after blogmas. I will be starting a brand new blog called,you can also follow me on to stay up to date with all the latest information.

Right, now that the boring part is out of the way, shall we get on with the actual post?

For a very long time I have watched Christmas films that everyone gets excited about or hyped up and I just feel a little bleh inside. Every year, someone tries to outdo the film from the year before and honestly I find the whole thing a little boring. What happened to the good ol’ family classics?

I have put together a list of Christmas films that I don’t believe are worth the hype. I would love to know yours too, so do comment them below.


  • Frozen 2 – I’m not sure if this technically is classed as a Christmas film, but with the fact it’s based around snow, an ice kingdom, a talking snowman and yes, has a reindeer, I’d say it makes that list. Unfortunately, it doesn’t quite make the cut for a Christmas film worth the hype! After seeing what seems like a million adverts, showcasing the “best parts” from the film, I can confirm, what the adverts show really are the highlights. It didn’t grip me, I didn’t feel warm and cosy, I didn’t fancy a hot chocolate and being snuggled up on the sofa. It wasn’t original enough to be honest, Disney need to up their game!
  • A Christmas princeQuite frankly, this was the most disastrous film I’ve ever seen! The cliché storyline was enough to make you roll your eyes, but the fact that they keep pushing this into other films to make a sequel is what horrifies me. There really isn’t anything worth hyping in this film, she falls in love and that’s great, but call me weird, Christmas isn’t about that is it?
  • KrampusThis was hyped as one of the scariest Christmas film going. Honestly what a let down! I think the first time I saw Grinch when I was a child I jumped more! Krampus is just a big let down with a really bad storyline too…
  • ElfBack in the day of being young and loving the build up to Christmas, Elf was a film that was played three maybe four times a day, every day until Christmas Eve. Looking back on it now, and after watching it for the millionth time I just find it a little weird. A grown man dressed as an Elf getting up to all sorts of things just isn’t as funny anymore. Maybe I’m just getting boring as I’m getting older?
  • NativityI’m not just talking about the first one I was on about the whole of them I personally thought that one Nativity was enough. The first time round it was funny I love Jack Whitehall so I was definitely interested in watching it but the fact that they’ve had to drag it out because nothing else came to mind for them to create it just shows how crappy the Christmas movies are getting. It’s always the same kind of storyline the same sort of issues that go on and after a while they’re just not funny. The nativity is definitely off my to watchlist!
  • The Man who Invented Christmaswhat an absolute flop this film was! So many people had hyped this up as a really great film about Charles Dickens and the whole feel of Christmas. I thought it would be a great film just stick on for the children to enjoy while I’m still busy cleaning, they lost interest so quickly and honestly I don’t really blame them! Films like that need to be interesting, they need an easy storyline, to follow they need something that’s going to keep the kids eyes glued to the screen, this is just really didn’t have that it was lacking so much Christmas feelings that they would rather just sit there and three paper each other then watch the film.
  • A Cinderella StoryI have lost count of how many Cinderella stories are now out there! Another one was brought out this year and another one that basically just follows the same storyline! An evil stepmother, having no hope blah blah blah. The only difference this time is this one can sing! She dressed up as an elf works at Christmas tree place and to everyone’s non surprise, she finds her very own Christmas miracle. Can we all agree that A Cinderella story this needs to stop.
  • Love ActuallyNo,No, and a huge NO! I don’t usually hate films, yes I dislike them, but this one, I definitely hate. If I could I would gather them all up and just burn them. What an awful Christmas film! I really don’t see why it was hyped and I cannot see why people still enjoy it. It’s just so bad. I’d rather watch The Snowman over and over again then watch this dribble. All I’m going to say is… DON’T WATCH IT!
  • Free BirdsThis is more a Thanksgiving film then a Christmas film but here in the UK we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving. This film is about to turkeys that magically find a time machine (because that’s so believable). They go back in time to try their best to remove turkey from Thanksgiving menu. Now, the storyline is definitely different, I haven’t seen one like this yet, but the film itself just isn’t holding me interested. There’s a few moments when the children laugh, but they look just as bored as I feel when I’m watching.
  • The Muppets Christmas CarolI probably should’ve put this as number one to be honest! I cannot think of a film worse than this and I have a list of my another really bad films! I hate the Muppets anyway they are annoying and just not funny. To then ruin a good classic film that everyone enjoys by adding the Muppets into it it’s just a big no from me. I absolutely love the Christmas carol film I even love the animated one because I had something a little different to it but this one I just cannot sit there and enjoy it. Definitely a film I would have is it rejected if I was the director.[ Editors Note from Chantelle Joy: Muppets Christmas Carol is probably my favourite film! Gasp! 😉 ]


And there we are that is my list of 10 Christmas films that are just not worth the hype. I would love to know if you share the same opinion on some of them or if you completely disagree with me and love the films I’ve listed. Do you let me know by commenting down below if you have created a Christmas film is this just self leave a link and I will make sure that I check it out.

Thank you so much for reading I really hope that you have enjoyed it I certainly have. Have a wonderful time celebrating the lead up to Christmas.