Christmas Crafts for Kids

Kids Christmas Crafts ideas. Celebrate the festive season with these easy and fun Christmas Children’s Crafts for Kids over the holidays.

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Christmas Crafts

Easy Pumpkin Craft Ideas

If you're not tired of all Things Pumpkin yet, here are some Easy Pumpkin Craft ideas for kids and adults to enjoy. There are some unique ways to decorate your pumpkins for Halloween, but also a few that would also look good in the winter, closer to Christmas. Confetti Pumpkins These are great as a October Party decoration, for Halloween or even Christmas if you use Red/Green/Gold/Silver tissues. Super easy and fun to do with kids, get the full instructions on Cloudy Day Gray. Supplies for this Craft Yarn Pumpkins These are super-adorable, easy to make, and the idea can…

Christmas Crafts

Easy Pine Cone Christmas Craft Ideas

As we just get into fall, and enjoying the new season, I thought you'd enjoy some easy Pine cone Craft ideas, some of which are perfect for Thanksgiving, while others can be saved for closer to Christmas. Some of these pine cone craft projects are perfect crafts for kids over the holidays, and a great way to spend time together, or keep young ones busy during family get-togethers. Have a look at our absolutely favourite DIY pine cone craft inspiration and decorations below! Easy Pine Cone Crafts Pine Cone Star This simple yet super-elegant Pine Cone Star can be made…

Christmas Crafts

Quick & Easy: Cardboard Tube Santa & Snowman

We love this quick and easy kids Christmas craft, and this is a super quick and cute craft that can you can do anytime with basic supplies that you already have on hand. I don't know about your house, but around here we have dozens of leftover cardboard tubes, from toilet paper, from paper towels, they make the easiest base for a quick and simple kids Christmas craft. I sat down with my daughter to make these adorable Santas and Snowmen and it only took about a half an hour total. The Supplies you'll need are super simple. Just some…