Christmas is a magical time of year for many reasons, but one of the best things about it is the time we get to spend with our family. All year long, we rush around with work and school with stolen moments together, but Christmas is the time to make up for all of that. While the idealised image of Christmas involves snow, indulgent food, joyful games, and cosy evenings by the fire, essentially it is time for the family to reconnect. However, the reality is not quite so picture perfect. The closer we get to Christmas, the busier we will become, so take some time now to plan in some great family activities for the festive period.

Here are 5 ideas to get you started on your family Christmas fun.

1. Make your own Christmas cards

There’s nothing quite so personal as a handmade card so why not spend some time creating yours from scratch this year? You could make it a family activity by assigning everyone a crafty task such as writing the message, adding the glitter or drawing the pictures on the front. Don’t worry too much about them looking a bit rough around the edges – your friends and family will love the personal touch and the effort you’ve all put in. 

2. Read a Christmas themed book as a family

On the nights leading up to Christmas, consider making storytime a festive treat by diving into a Christmas book like The Grinch or A Christmas Carol. It’s a lovely way to bond with your children and get them thinking about the true meaning of Christmas amongst all the excitement about presents and food. If books aren’t your thing, a classic Christmas movie every Saturday night is also a great way to bring everyone together in the festive spirit. 

3. Book your summer holiday

When the weather is cold and wet outside and you’re feeling a bit dreary, why not book your summer holiday for next year? You’ve got the time to talk about and research potential destinations and there are some great early bird deals available at that time of year. For example, more and more families are choosing to book villas such as Crete villa holidays rather than hotels to give them access to luxury living space, fully equipped kitchen facilities, and even a pool. Give the children the task of researching what they’d like to do when they get there to get them excited about your next period of family time.

4. Create handmade decorations for the tree

Nothing says family Christmas like those handmade decorations that get saved and displayed every year, no matter how battered they’re looking. There are plenty of online guides about making decorations so you can choose a project which is appropriate for your children in terms of age and ability. 

5. Cook some Christmas treats

You don’t have to wait for Christmas Day to start cooking your favourite Christmas dishes so get out the Christmas cookie cutters and start baking. Perhaps your family prefers chocolate Yule log or a Christmas pudding? Whatever tickles your taste buds, it’s never too early to indulge and get the children busy in the kitchen. 

6. Take care of the elderly 

Having grandparents around at Christmas is a lovely feeling. Yet, if your grandparents live away or in a care home, then you won’t be able to attain that feeling. However, you can still care for them during the festive season, as well as other elderly people. You could become an adult-gerontology nurse practitioner and use your holidays to care for people. You can spread the joy and make them feel good during the festive season.