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It is always enjoyable to watch the Christmas classics such as “A Christmas Story”, “Miracle on 34th Street”, or “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer” on TV. However, if you can only take a short break from work, don’t miss out on the many short Christmas Internet videos, which have already become classics in their own right.

Here in the site, we offer a small collection of the best Xmas videos which you can watch right away. You may check out the video, “Christmas Lights Gone Wild”. Here a house decorated with Christmas lights is lit and unlit in perfect harmony with the music. Have a laugh over the many Christmas videos where young and old mime to classic Christmas songs more or less successfully or watch the anything but elegant Santa Clauses making fools of them when they deliver the gifts.Here in the site, we do our best to keep you updated with excellent Christmas videos. If you come across funny videos which cannot be found in our site, you are more than welcome to list them in our forum. Who knows they might just end up here in the site for others to enjoy?Below you will see some of the most popular Christmas Videos.

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Canadian Street Christmas Lights

Several homes on a street in Ottawa, Canada, have linked together to create an animated, web-controlled Christmas Light Display. Read more.

Tree raising under 7 min.

Chris send us this. He and a friend putting up his Christmas Tree. Enjoy!

Christmas Eve – short-film

A young man named Damien Kazan made this short film and send it to allthingschristmas. He wrote: "With this film I really wanted to show the spirit of Christmas when you’re a kid and you wonder what is going to happen through this unique night". The young actor in the film is his little brother.

“Silent Night / O Come, All Ye Faithful” (Christmas Mashup) – Matthew Jordan

Mr. Frost & Santa Claus by Sören Fahr (3d version: Click)

Santa’s Got The Blues

Crazy Christmas Kick

Christmas Lights gone Wild


Charlie Brown Christmas – Performed by the Cast of Scrubs

A slightly depressed Charlie Brown about why he doesn’t understand Christmas. However, he is about to learn. This has been one of the most popular Youtube Christmas videos.

Young guy ruins Christmas Tree on School

One student decided to ruin Xmas for everyone by mauling the school Christmas Tree. He was arrested & expelled. However, he got his attention, which is probably what he wanted:

Mr Beans Christmas

Mr Bean doing the traditional Christmas rituals. This includes having fun with a huge turkey. Enjoy :-)

The Ultimate Christmas Project

We recieved a mail from UK: “As students at Southampton University, UK we made use of a vast quantity of beer bottles by making our own tree”. Well done students :-)

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Christmas song Videos



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