Christmas, for a lot of guys in America is a synonym for fun and Xmas games. The cold season and snowing weather, the lovely holiday season leading up to New Year is the most enjoyable period of the year for most Americans. Xmas is celebrated in many ways across the globe but has one adjective attached to it always, FUN and Xmas games.

Christmas parties are often the order of the day during the season. A lot of parties during this season have customized games called Xmas games. Many games are played with Christmas being the theme.


1. Xmas related words
2. Holiday draw
3. Secret sante
4. Online Christmas Games
5. Sun or Snow

xmas games on PC

Xmas related words like Santa Claus, snow, reindeer etc are given to groups and they are asked to make as many related words. The group with the most words wins.

Holiday draw is another fun filled game where holiday or Christmas related words are written on chits of paper. One person from a group comes ahead and picks a chit and explains the word by making pictures of that word on a paper or board. The team which guesses all the words wins.

Another Xmas game, which can easily bring a smile on everyone’s face, is Secret Santa. This game can be used as a motivating game at workplace as well. Names of everyone in a group or workplace are written in chits and put in a box. Each guy picks up one chit. The one who picks the chit becomes the secret Santa for the guy whose name is written on it. The secret Santa has to give gifts or surprise the other guy during Christmas season. This is a very interesting game as Santa is not revealed to anyone and remains a secret.

“Sun or Snow “is a good activity based game. One guy becomes the weather person and turns his back to other players. All the players stand facing the back of the weather person behind a boundary line. As soon as the weatherperson calls “Sun,” the rest of the players race towards him

When he calls “Snow!” the players must stop and freeze as if they were statues. Immediately after calling out “snow” weatherperson turns around to look at the other players. The player who moves or shakes goes back to the start or the boundary line. The weatherperson again calls “Sun” or “Snow” and the game continues until one of the players tags the weatherperson. He becomes the next weatherperson.

Xmas games just make the joyous Christmas season even more fun filled and are loved by one and all.

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