On this page you will find holiday treasures such as printable cards, lyrics to your favorite Christmas carols, songs in MIDI format, unique craft ideas, decorating and tips for christmas shopping and hostess gifts.

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We have a lot of holiday stories, delicious recipes, links to other holiday web sites, and more, including our Christmas for kids-section, which offers fun, games, riddles, printables and other goodies just for kids.

Don’t forget to visit our pages with Xmas fun – we have Christmas videos, top 10 lists, and lots of surprising facts about Christmas.

Christmas marks the birth of Jesus of Nazareth, but since then, numerous other traditions have been mixed with the originals. This website takes you to the history of the original traditions and gives you the background of the news ones as well.

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Christmas facts

Every year more than 400 million people celebrate Xmas around the world — that makes Xmas one of the world’s biggest religious and commercial festivities. In approximately year 300 A.D., the birthday of Jesus was determined to be on December 25, the day that has been celebrated from then till this very day. The celebration on the 25th of December starts with Christmas Eve, the evening of December 24.

The religious festival is originally a blend of pagan customs. The Romans held a festival on December 25 called Dies Natalis Solis Invicti, i.e. “the birthday of the unconquered sun.”. Pagan Scandinavia celebrated a winter festival called Yule, held in late December to early January. However, it is uncertain exactly why December 25 became associated with the birth of Jesus since the Old Testament doesn’t mention a specific date of the event.

CalendarThe waiting time for Christmas can feel too long, especially
among children. Here in the site, we have created a Advent
calendar — each day, you can open a new electronic window
and see a new picture.
CardsThe tradition of sending Christmas card began in 1843.
Since then, it has become one of the integral traditions
of the holiday. Today, we also send electronic cards.
Try that and much more.
CarolsThe world’s most famous Christmas carol is ”Silent
Night”, but there are many other beautiful Christmas
carols. Read more about these carols and get new inspiration
for songs you can sing during Christmas
CharityParticularly around the Xmas season when we are so involved
with consumerism, yet at the same time, feel a real
need to respond to the needs of the less fortunate world.
Click on our list and find a worthy Christmas Charity.
CraftsYou don’t need to spend money on Christmas decorations.
Actually, it is quite easy to make them yourself and the
children will definitely love every minute of it. Get
ideas for Christmas crafts here in the website.
DecorationsTo decorate for Christmas is a ritual repeated year after
year, but you don’t have to do it in the exact same
way every year. We bring you lots of new ideas to brighten
up your Christmas.
DownloadsNot only the Christmas tree and living room need to be
decorated. You can also decorate the computer since we
have gathered a wide variety of funny pictures and programs
to pep up your computer.
ForumAre you short of ideas for Christmas, do you have questions
about traditions, or do you want to help others? All kinds
of contributions are welcome in our discussion forum.
Participate in the debate.
Christmas is a festivity for the entire family. The children
especially look forward to it, thus, we have a whole section
dedicated to children. Here you can build your own snowman,
play holiday games on the computer, and much more.
GamesEverybody should make time to play during Christmas. We
have gathered various ideas for how you can entertain
yourself, your family, and friends during Christmas —
with or without a computer.



GiftsIt can be tough to find the perfect Christmas gift, but
a couple of simple pieces of advice can make it easier
for you. You can also read about the origins of the tradition
of gift giving.
LightsTo some people, putting Christmas lights around the house
has almost become a lifestyle, but one does not need to
put too much – a few will actually do. Learn how
to light up your house while reading about the history
of holiday lights.
PartyAre you hosting a Christmas party? Whether you’re
celebrating for children or for grown ups, allow us to
give you worthwhile ideas for great Christmas parties.
Choose the theme that will make your party truly memorable.
RecipesWe bring you the recipes for a wide variety of delicious
Christmas dishes from cakes to soups, roasts and desserts.
You can also read about what other countries enjoy during
Christmas. You will definitely find a lot of inspiration
to cook and bake during the Holiday season.
All children know the kind, old Santa Claus. However,
from a historical perspective, he actually isn’t
that old and he has also been known as a rather fiery
gentleman. Learn more about Santa Claus in this section.
StoriesChristmas stories gather the whole family. We bring a
great variety of easy to print holiday stories for the
whole family. Read, for example, Charles Dickens’
“A Christmas Carol” or “The Night before
Christmas” by Clement C. Moore.
TraditionsGet a clearly laid-out overview of the most important
traditions of Xmas from the Christmas tree to the mistletoe
and Christmas gifts. Where does Santa Claus really come
from and what does the Gospel of Luke tell us about the
birth of Jesus?
TreesFew things create a better atmosphere than a Christmas
tree, and there are actually quite a few different trees
to choose from. People don’t use the same kind of
Christmas tree in the USA and Europe. Read more about
the history of the Christmas tree here.

Read about christmas and gifts in other languages on geschenke wunder and super gaver. Read also about Xmas in the White House. Enjoy our page – one of the biggest about the holiday.

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