When you wish well for someone and want to give them a piece of good health, then the righteous gift is a bottle of Extra Virgin olive oil. It will convey truly how much you care for their health. As a homemaker you will also be sharing a culinary secret of the perfect cooking with them. This oil is the one that brings out that perfect aroma and taste in food and keeps your health intact. So gift your loved ones extra virgin olive oil and give them a long, healthy living.

Olive oil is a fruit oil made from olive, a traditional tree crop grown in the Mediterranean region. Under this variety comes the Extra Virgin Olive oil which comes from the cold pressing of oils and has less than 0.8% acidity. It contains no refined oil and is supposed to have superior taste as compared to all other olive oil categories. So when you’re gifting your hostess oil then you’re giving them something that is absolutely top of the line in health and taste.

virgin olive oil

Xmas is that time of the year when everyone’s in the gifting mode and is wishing good for everyone. To combine the two and reflect your feelings well, give your hostess Extra Virgin olive oil. Your skills and care will be appreciated by your friends and loved ones and they’ll understand how you care for them. A gift says a lot about us and when you gift a bottle of this healthy oil to your hostess then she will perceive you as a caring person who is thankful for her hospitality.

In fact, why only Christmas? You should be thinking of the good health of your hostess and other loved ones throughout the year and hence this goodness rich, extra virgin olive oil can be given any time of the year. You can be sure she will remember you each time she cooks in it or uses it as a dressing or as other condiment. And she’ll surely think of you with love whenever she thinks of your caring present.
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