There are various Christmas traditions in the Phillipines that are celebrated and practiced by this country during the holiday season. Most of these Holiday traditions are based from the religious customs of the people of this country. There are also Christmas traditions that are part of the conventional set of holiday traditions and customs most countries of the world practice during the Christmas season.

Among these conventional traditions, the most prevalent in the homes of Filipino families is the Christmas Eve dinner feast. The Xmas Eve dinner table is composed of various food treats from the different culinary heritage of various countries. Most families prepare all sorts of Filipino dinner dishes, such as the karekare, dinuguan, and pancit bihon – the latter being this country’s version of Chinese noodle dishes. There are also a wide array of Filipino pastries, such as the puto and bibngka. But the Christmas Eve dinner table is also laden with conventional holiday dinner treats, such as the Christmas ham, prawns, the Christmas cake, and an assortment of candies and other sweets for the children.

There are also gift-giving ceremonies that are practiced during Xmas Eve. Most children hang their Christmas stockings on the walls of their rooms in preparation for the treats from Santa Claus. Most Filipino families go to great lengths just to have some nice dinner treats on the table during Xmas Eve since some families believe in various Filipino customs and the like.

The Simbang Gabi usually signifies the start of the holiday season in this country. Since this country has its cultural roots embedded in Spain’s religious practices, most Christian and Catholic communities in this country regularly go to a series of church masses during the holiday season. Even kids and young adults go to these early- morning series of church masses since it is believed that completing the series of church masses, in Filipino holiday tradition, would make the wishes of the church goers come true.


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