Giving gifts on Christmas has been a long standing tradition. Kids love jumping out of bed on Christmas morning and running out to open all the gifts Santa has left behind. Adults cherish the gifts given by loved ones given with appreciation, understanding and love. It adds to the spirit of this special occasion to open the gifts and find something special, something unique, something unusual. However, in these days of fast life and extreme retail consumerism, it’s often hard to find something that conveys a special message. How can a gift that everybody has given everybody else have anything special about it? It’s no wonder that’s stores are packed in the days after Christmas day, with long lines of people waiting to return their gifts. Either it was something they had no need for or, more likely, it was something that was so common that they already had ten of those.

Unusual in every way!

The key is perzonalization

It requires some thinking and work to come up with unusual gifts for everyone on the Christmas gift shopping list.   It also requires that the process starts well before Christmas. With the Internet, it’s much easier to do the research and find something that’s special and at the same time unique and unusual. The first step to looking for unusual Christmas gifts is to think and decide what the recipient would really love to receive. You want to give a pack of platters to your Mom? Great thought, but don’t run over to the nearest retail store and pick up the first one you see so that you can strike one line off your list of Christmas shopping. Instead, take the idea of the platters and think what would make it unusual and unique. Personalization is a great way to make gifts unusual. Find a place where they can take pictures of your children, print it on the platters and possibly print a Christmas message as well. Don’t you think your Mom would be more thrilled to receive the platters with pictures of her grandchildren and a personal message from all of you rather than a set of red ones from the neighborhood gift store?

Did you expect this?

Unusual gifts for children
You could use the idea of personalization on almost anything to create unusual Christmas gifts. Think of pens, pillow cases, diaries, calendars, quilts – the list can go on. You can personalize each of them with messages, pictures and colors. You can combine multiple items to create unique gift packs of your own.

What about children? Absolutely, you can get them unusual Christmas gifts. How about the name of your son emblazoned across front of the Spiderman sweater he always wanted? Don’t you think he’s going to love it? Fortunately for you, other people have already done a lot of cerebral exercises and put together unusual Christmas gift ideas for you to choose from. There are stores that specialize on these.

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