One of the most popular attractions of Christmas is the Christmas tree. There are many decorative items, which go into making a Christmas tree very attractive. But nothing matches the lights. Christmas tree lights not only add to the beauty of the tree, but also reflect the spirit of Christmas in the entire house.

The types of lamps used in Christmas lighting sets may be based on a variety of technologies. Common christmas tree lights are light-emitting diodes (LEDs) and incandescent light bulbs. Less common are neon lamp sets.

People first started putting lights on Xmas trees back in the 17th century. People attached small candles to the ends of tree branches with pins or wax. (That is still common in some countries). Before electricity was widely available, people in US didn’t usually put up their trees until December 24 because of the risk of fire. Once electric Christmas tree lights were invented, people started to put up trees earlier, and leave them up longer.

Some cultures continue to use candles, such as this traditional Danish tree.

Electric christmas tree lights

The Christmas tree lights should be going well with the interiors of the house. While purchasing a Christmas tree, make sure it has sufficient space to hang all the accessories to make it attractive. If you are procuring the tree from you backyard, cut the tree in such a manner that it provides space to display the decorative items. Cut the Christmas tree in such a manner that it does not occupy the entire space of the room where it is kept for display.

Always switch off and unplug electric Xmas lights before you go to bed. Be extremely careful using candles. Candles have naked flames which can cause a fire if you are not careful

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