It’s finally arrived, Christmas Day is here and everyone is excited to take part in their own family traditions on Christmas Morning. Santa has delivered his gifts, there’s a big day ahead, usually spent with family, friends, and other loved ones. Learn more about some of the best and most wonderful Christmas morning traditions all over the world.

Christmas Breakfast

If breakfast is the most important meal of the day, then Christmas Morning Breakfast might be the most important meal of the year! Most traditions on Christmas Morning include a big breakfast with the whole family. See our recipe list for Christmas breakfast ideas, because the traditions are different for each family but can include, toasts, puddings, cakes and special cookies that are all home made and delicious.

Opening Presents

Okay, it’s usually first, even before breakfast. Children wake up early on Christmas mornings to see the gifts that they got from their parents as well as from Santa Claus. They are exited to open up the new toys and sweets that they have received as presents. They also check the gifts in the stocking that they have hung near the fire place or near the Christmas tree.

Christmas Morning Traditions - Gifts

Christmas Music

Listening to Christmas Music is obviously an ongoing tradition over the holidays, but putting on an old Christmas Record or Radio Station on Christmas Day is an absolute MUST. Check out our section on Christmas Music or these classic Christmas albums:

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Visiting Family

Another common tradition on Christmas Morning is to travel to see friends or family. Often you may already be staying, or having guests over, but if not – after your big breakfast you may pack up into the car and go to see your Grandparents, Aunts or even just Neighbours. Sharing Christmas Morning with the ones you love is even more important than the gifts or food of the season.

Does your family celebrate any other Christmas Morning Traditions? Share in the Forum or in the Comments below.