If you have a gamer in your family or they happen to be your better half, then you will know first-hand just how picky they can be when it comes to receiving gifts connected to their favourite hobby.

Video gamers always want the most up-to-date keyboard or controller, while boardgame fanatics are constantly in search of that special addition add-on or figurine.

This can make festive shopping for gamers tricky, with many shoppers left bewildered by the array of potential gift options available to them.

Luckily for people in this exact situation, we have collated a list of presents that will have the eyes of gamers everywhere lighting up, as they tear away the wrapping paper to reveal a gift from the gods.

Specialist Gaming Phones Are All the Rage

More and more gamers these days are doing away with consoles or PCs, that take up too much room in their living rooms and bedrooms, to replace them with their mobile phones, many of which are just as powerful and able to provide a thoroughly enjoyable gaming experience despite being a fraction of the size.

However, there are some games which require a little more computing power than others, meaning that regular handsets just cannot keep up.

If you hear one of your loved ones bemoaning such an issue, then why not treat them to a specialist gaming phone like the Asus ROG 2 or the Nubia Red Magic 5G. Once their phone is set up you can then challenge them to a Christmas themed mobile game or two as you digest your turkey and Christmas pudding.

All of these gifts are sure to make the gamer in your life a very happy bunny

Poker Aficionados Never Stop Learning

While many gamers simply play to unwind and relax after a hard day at work or chasing around after other family members, there are others who take things altogether more seriously; challenging themselves to reach a level that would not be sniffed at by a pro gamer.

One game that certainly attracts such a crowd is poker, where part of the fun of the game is to see how skilled you can become. With this in mind, one great option is to give a training course as a gift, many of which can be done online via a subscription model, meaning the person can either choose to continue with the course after Christmas or just quit after the initial few weeks.

For less advanced players a fancy poker chip set might be enough to keep them and their poker buddies happy for a few Sunday evenings.

Remain Patient for the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X

Even though many gamers are turning to cloud gaming services and mobile compatible games in their droves, there are still plenty who wait diligently for every new games console release. 2020 is no different in that regard, with Sony releasing its PlayStation 5 and Microsoft going head-to-head with them with the Xbox Series X.

The launch of both consoles has been delayed, with the tech goliaths in question keeping fans waiting with bated breath. If you know the person you want to buy a gift for is a huge console fan, it may pay off to wait until both new consoles are released and you can assess the reviews to see which is the best option.

Keep Your Gift Tech-Free

Just as digital and online gaming is going through the roof, there is also a counter movement of avid gamers who favour the social aspects of gaming that can be enjoyed over a classic board or card game.

For high-brow strategy and giggles, you cannot go too far wrong with the highly rated Cosmic Encounter. Whereas for a family that is in touch with nature, Photosynthesis is a truly beautiful boardgame to unfurl on a chilly autumn or winter evening.



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