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Top 8 Christmas Events & Concerts in the USA

One of the best ways to celebrate the Holidays, and most common days out during the Christmas Season is to go see a Christmas Show, Play or Concert. I've seen quite a few Christmas Musicals, and even been to New York to see a few on Broadway, and I have to say nothing quite gets you in the spirit like hearing amazing music, or watching a festive play. Here I've put together a list of some of the BEST Concerts, plays and Musicals that are available this year. There's something for everyone - and fun for the whole family. I've…

Christmas Movies & Television

Buddy the Elf: From Screen to Stage

When I think of Christmas movies I think of Elf, it seems that many of the high street stores do too as I regularly spot clothing featuring the over-sized ball of fun played so memorably by Will Ferrell. The movie is a favourite of mine because it feels as if the big kid who lives in all of us is allowed to be excited about Christmas. I am crazy about the festive season anyway, and I have definitely not grown up yet in spite of a big birthday lurking on the horizon next year. The joy, buzz and elation of…