Christmas Decorations

Autumn and Christmas Apple Decor

So it's fall, you're ready to start decorating, but maybe not ready for Christmas. These Apple Christmas Decor ideas are the perfect answer to marry autumn and winter. Keep them up till spring, add your Christmassy touches, or simply start a new trend. After all, Fall and even Christmas Apple Decor is the perfect colours, red and green! Updated for 2019: It's been a few years since I wrote this original post and I wanted to give it a refresh. Not much has changed for the rustic and homey feel of apples over autumn, but I found a few new…

Christmas Cookies and Desserts

Apple Christmas Dessert Recipes

It's officially fall, and Apple Season is here! We've put together a list of Apple Christmas Dessert recipes, but can be made and enjoyed anytime, especially on cool autumn nights. Have a look at these sweet Christmas dessert recipes, and let us know if you have any other ideas on how to use Apples in your baking this season! Cinnamon Apple Chips Get the Cinnamon Apple Chips Recipe. Perfect for a snack or as a Party Food, this christmas dessert recipe is from Carrie's Experimental Kitchen Toffee Apple Gingerbread Loaf Doesn't this look like a recipe strait out of a…