Virtual Christmas Market 2020 Brand Sponsorship/Promotion

Digital Holiday Campaigns are so much more important this year than ever before – reaching the perfect audience is crucial. The Worlds Biggest Virtual Christmas Market is set to attract Millions of Christmas Shoppers Daily! Hosted by two of the most popular online Christmas Communities, with an 8.1 Million user reach weekly in Oct/Nov*. With the promotional efforts for 2020, The Virtual Christmas Market is expected to exceed this, it already has opt-in Guest List of over 150,000 – and it’s only September!

For a detailed overview of our Online Event, and more statistical information about attendance and reach, please see our Official Press Release.
Please note that as the online response to the event has far exceeded our expectations, some information is out of date in regards to our Facebook Event / Groups and Website Traffic. Up-to-date info can be found below.

Christmas Crazy       Christmas Central

These are the main Facebook Pages, Groups and Websites hosting and promoting the Virtual Market.
Combined Follower/Member count of over 550,00 of Christmas-Obsessed Fans.
*based on 2019 analytics and insights, exclusive of this year’s marketing efforts, we expect to far exceed this in 2020.

Below is a sample of the Promotional Channels that can utlized in a customized Marketing Campaign to reach Millions of our Christmas-obsessed fans and followers before and during the Market.

Promotional Channels
(3.5-4K pageviews per day as of September 25th. Increasing by 10% Daily)

We expect to reach hundreds of thousands more leading up to and including the Christmas Market Dates. All Official Sponsors logo will appear prominently on this page, which will be promoted heavily leading up to and during the Market on all of our other Channels.
(139K Guests as of September 25th, growing very rapidly)

Our main Channel for Guests to RSVP, and where we will be hosting most of our LIVE/Entertainment Events. Market News & Updates are posted regularly. During the Market Dates variety of posts from the Official Market Schedule (available as of November 1st, 2020). Astounding marketing reach and capabilities, as our largest audience is within this Event, and Facebook prioritizes Event posts to users Newsfeeds, especially LIVE videos.
(28.1K Members as of September 25th, with 15K+ daily active Members!)

The Virtual Market Facebook Group where our Craft/Handmade Vendors promote to engage with buyers, a growing, active list of enthusiastic fans, and expect this to grow 10x by the Market Dates.

RSVP Email List
(4.1K Subscribers in the first 10 days)

Our Direct Email Marketing Channel, where we share Virtual Market Updates, highlight specific Vendor/Sponsor promotions and also host smaller vendor-specific Giveaways. Engagement high for an Email List – although this is a newer channel – so we won’t have full demographics or analytics until later in October.

For more information on pricing for Promotions or becoming an Official Sponsor for the World’s Biggest Virtual Christmas Market, please get in touch on or complete the form below and we’ll follow up within 24 hours.

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