As the Christmas season is approaching, many online gambling operators have started capitalising on the festive season to provide very unique and exclusive promotional offers and bonuses to their regular and new customers. The gambling industry is tapping the Christmas season to increase its reach to a wider audience. The world’s most famous and leading online casino websites offer flashy and decorative and attractive advertisements featuring prizes and incentives like no deposit bonuses, free spins, cashback offers, exclusive promo deals etc. Click here to know more about these special offers lined up for the players. A player should not miss out on these Christmas presents offered by the online casinos. Apart from the several perks and incentives, there are several benefits for the players to play at an online casino during the Christmas season. Some of them have been mentioned below.

Casino Bonuses

Exclusive and special Christmas bonuses can be categorized into six broad categories- a) welcome bonuses b) no deposit bonuses c) payment method bonuses d) reload bonuses e) high roller bonus and f) refer to a friend bonus. These premium bonuses can be found on many famous and leading online gambling sites. 

Christmas welcome bonuses are not much different from the usual bonuses offered by the online gaming operators. The player can avail of these bonuses after registering himself on online gambling sites. Welcome bonuses will provide a 100% match against these deposits. They are offered to double the deposit amount. For example, if an online site is offering a player with a welcome bonus of $50 to $100, he receives an additional $50 which sums up to $150 as his total money. 

No deposit bonuses as the name suggests does not require the player to pay a deposit on their first game. The no deposit bonus ranges from $5 to $50. But there is only one limitation with no deposit bonus- there are terms and conditions placed on the wager. In other words, the bonuses entail wagering requirements. However, this becomes beneficial during Christmas and can become a boon for the online casino player.

Reload bonus is offered as a reward to the player after they have made their first deposit. It is done to lure more players to make more deposits. The bonuses depend on how the size of the deposits and how much the player plays.

Payment method bonuses are not very common as compared to the other bonuses. This bonus is given to players who avail of certain payment methods approved by the online gaming operator. The bonus offers additional perks to the players, in addition to the deposit.

High roller bonus is provided to players who make very huge deposits of $1000. This is done to retain the regular players and allow them to make larger deposits. Christmas is the perfect time for the player to take advantage of such an offer.

Refer to a friend bonus is provided to the player when he brings a player to a match. This is equivalent to a pyramid scheme. If a player brings more friends to the table, the more bonuses he gets. These bonuses are directed towards occasions like Christmas and New Year’s where players are interested to participate in these kinds of offers.

Christmas Based Slots

Even though Christmas bonuses attract players towards gambling sites, many gaming operators develop Christmas-themed slot games. These games help the players to have a fun and relaxing time during Christmas. The gaming companies use innovation and advanced technologies to create unique and thrilling Christmas based slot games. Since players get to make extra money, they can cover the price of Christmas gifts and buy presents for their loved ones