Compiling a personal Christmas songbook can be a lifetime project which any person can cherish and which his or her children and grandchildren will treasure and emulate for the rest of their lives. This endeavor should begin as soon as the child begins to consciously enjoy singing songs and learns to write and draw. It is a spiritual as well as an artistic adventure that will last the person’s lifetime, and the experience will become an anchor that will keep the child within the holiday season of love and sharing.

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It is a worthwhile gift which kindergarten teachers would give to their students to begin the task of collecting their favorite songs for their Christmas songbook. The songs collected each year and the list of favorite songs sang during the year’s celebration become a unique diary that will provide a timeline of emotional highs and lows and allow the person to monitor his emotional progress. The collection in the Christmas songbook will provide the basis for the person to evaluate the direction of his emotional practice and orient his progress not only in the emotional aspects but also in the mental and spiritual sense.

A Christmas songbook is like a collection of one’s poetry, which the creative individual writes to provide an outlet of the fermentation of his heart, body, and mind. While the compiler of the Christmas songbook may not write the songs that he compiles, the potent messages of the Christmas songs that he collects and sing will nevertheless initiate emotional and mental changes in his being commensurate to the honest desire of his heart and soul. Because he has begun his collection long ago, the sincerity of his soul is heard by the Christmas spirit, and other people accompany him in his journey filling the very air he breathes with holiday blessings, harmony and nurturance. Thus, he will unerringly reach his goals of joyous holiday adventures.

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