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Benefits of Online Shopping

With our lives getting ever busier, Internet shopping can be a stress-free time saver in many cases. Benefits include:

  • Anytime Shopping: The Internet is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, allowing you to shop at your convenience. And you don’t have to dress up to go there — robes and bunny slippers are welcome!
  • No Traffic: When you shop online, you don’t have to worry about holiday traffic, driving in winter weather, or trying to find a parking space.
  • Less Stress: No standing in long lines, no inattentive sales clerks, no overly-aggressive sales clerks, no unruly children and no grumpy customers. And no getting stuck behind that person in the speedy checkout lane who is talking loudly on their cell phone, has more than 10 items, needs a price check, wants to use an expired coupon and can’t find their wallet.
  • Variety: The Internet offers an endless selection of products that might be hard to find locally or could only be purchased by making many shopping stops.
  • Saving Time: In a season when minutes are precious, online shopping can often save hours. Not only can you skip driving, parking, shopping and standing in line to purchase your item, but you can have some of your gifts shipped directly to their recipients. This also saves you from wrapping, packaging and addressing your gifts, as well as driving to the post office and standing in line to mail them!
  • Saving Money: At this time, taxes are generally only charged for online purchases when items are bought and shipped in your home state. Every penny counts!

Smart Online Shopping Tips

Here are a few simple tips to make your online shopping a fun and secure experience:

  • Coupon Codes: Whenever possible, use a coupon code. Though ATC Shopping Deal newsletters are sent about once a week, new codes are added daily at ATC’s Shopping Section. Coupon codes are offered at other sites as well, and can often be found at retailers’ websites, in their catalogs, or are sent to you when you join their mailing lists.
  • Keep Your Gift List Handy: Create a gift list and keep it convenient while shopping online. Use our Printable Gift List for convenience. Sticking to your list helps you avoid wasting money by making impulse purchases and staying focused on exactly who you need gifts for saves browsing and shopping time.
  • Free Shipping: Many retailers offer Free Shipping with minimum purchases. If you have $20 worth of eligible Free Shipping items in your cart at store that offers Free Shipping at $25, why pay $5-$6 shipping when for the same price you can add at $5 item of something else from your list or for yourself and have everything shipped free? In ATC’s Shopping section, Free Shipping offers are indicated in green text to be easily identifiable.
  • Act Fast on Hot Deals: Greatly discounted items usually don’t last long, so buy them while you have the chance. If it’s a really super deal, consider purchasing more than one of that item and saving extras to be used for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries or other occasions.
  • Buy Off Season: For great savings, buy Christmas cards, wrapping paper and decorations in January. Toys and gift sets are frequently discounted after the holidays. If you have blankets or clothing items on your gift list, buy them out of season and you’re likely to find great bargains. But stick to your list so you don’t wind up making unnecessary purchases and with a pile of unneeded gifts come Christmas time, in which case you’re losing rather than saving money.
  • Shop Year Round: Don’t wait until December to buy all of your gifts, maxing out your credit cards and adding stress to your shopping experience. Again, use your gift list to shop throughout the year. This not only reduces stress during the holidays, but allows you to save money by purchasing some gift items while they are on sale. Buy a plastic storage box to keep in a closet and store gifts there.
  • Debit Cards: Consider opening a second bank account with a debit card which can be used for online purchases. This way you control the balance, your purchases are often protected and you can use your monthly statement to verify purchases or dispute charges. And you remove the worry of online hackers getting into your bank account or stealing credit cards accounts with high limits.
  • Save Receipts: Print online receipts and save all receipts for returns and to verify your credit card statements. Use a sturdy envelope or purchase an inexpesive, wallet-size plastic file to keep them in. Many stores now offer gift receipts which do not show the price of the item and may included when wrapping presents.

General Shopping Tips

  • Your Gift List: Never underestimate the importance of your Christmas list. Take it with you when you shop to avoid impulse purchases and overspending. Use our Printable Gift List for convenience.
  • Shopping Wallet: Use a spare wallet while shopping. Place in it only the items you will need for shopping (credit cards, department store cards, identification, checkbook, etc.) Should your wallet be stolen, you will at least be spared losing precious pictures or having to replace library cards, voter’s registration cards, etc.
  • Shop Early: Shop early to avoid long lines and to ensure that the products you want will not be sold out.
  • Purse Smarts: Do not make yourself a target for shoplifters or pickpockets. Wear your purse toward the front of your body and keep it fastened shut. Try to keep one hand free at all times.
    Store Policies: Be sure to check out refund and return policies before making your purchase.
  • Charge It: Pay with a credit card. It’s safer than carrying cash and offers consumer protections you don’t get with purchases by cash or check. If you find an error on your credit or charge card statement, you may dispute the charge and withhold payment on the disputed amount while the charge is in dispute.
  • Stow Packages: Do not tempt thieves by storing packages in plain view in your car. Store them in the trunk and keep your car locked.
  • Save Receipts: Save all your receipts for returns and to verify your credit card statements. Use a sturdy envelope or purchase an inexpesive, wallet-size plastic file to keep them in. Many stores now offer gift receipts which do not show the price of the item and may included when wrapping presents.

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