Christmas is associated with dining and dancing with a religious fervor. There is another important aspect to the festival. That is the ever-loved Santa Claus in his Santa Claus suit. The silver bearded man from the North Pole, who not only grants wishes of the people, but also delivers gifts to them. The concept of Santa Claus is as old as the religion itself. Santa Claus is supposed to shower gifts and wishes for the New Year. Santa Claus is originally believed to be from the North Pole and comes in a sledge driven by the silvery reindeer. The Santa Claus suit worn by him is unique and fits the harsh environment of the North Pole.

No Christmas event is complete without the presence of Santa Claus. It is popularly believed that Santa Claus leaves behind gifts for everyone at the base of the Christmas tree after the day of the festival. It is an eagerly awaited occasion as kids look for their gifts with great anxiety. In certain families, one elder person doubles as a Santa Claus and distributes gifts to the family members. Normally, the identity of the person in Santa Claus’s attire is not revealed. It is maintained as a secret and many kids believe that the person is a real Santa Claus. To give such an impression, the Santa Claus suit has to be perfect.

Santa Claus clothing:

1. Hat (red/white)
2. Beard (white/silver)
3. Trousers (red)
4. Boots (black)
5. Belt (black)
6. Eyebrows (white)
7. Gift Sack

santa clus clothing
Large picture: Santa Claus clothing

An ideal Santa Claus suit consists of red and red attire. Shirt, trousers, coat and hat are all colored bright red. Even the bag containing gifts is colored red. Some of the borders are shared in white. The tip of the hat should display a silvery tuft of hair. There is the presence of fur in many places in the attire. The suit is designed in such a manner because Santa Claus is from the North Pole and has to be protected against the extreme cold weather.

The concept of Santa Claus is so popular that in schools the character is used to distribute gifts to the students. Every school necessarily has a Santa Claus suit and is worn by the senior most students in the class. Santa Claus is a funny but loveable character. Children are encouraged to write letters to Santa Claus to bring their favorite gifts for Christmas. Also, students are pampered to appear in Santa Claus suit. This is common during fancy dress competition in schools. Santa Claus suit is available in all toy stores and neighborhood retail stores. They are supplied by some of the leading toy brands.

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