When you’re concerned of the health of your loved ones, then the ideal gift for them is a bottle of rapeseed oil. Considered one of the most heart healthy oils, this oil is also reported to reduce cholesterol levels. When you are looking for a hostess gift to take along with you to someone’s house then you’ll be conveying your gratitude through that gift. This oil gift will speak of your thankfulness for their hospitality and your concern for their good health. Hence go for the healthiest oil option around and present your hostess with a bottle of rapeseed oil.

The hostess will be making a heart to heart connection, in the true sense, when she gets this heart healthy oil from you. Rapeseed oil is extracted by cold pressing of the rapeseed plant, a bright yellow flowering plant. It is widely grown in the EU, Canada and USA. With its health value awareness spreading, rapeseed is being grown specially for cooking oil purposes in many parts of the UK now. It can be used for cooking, dressing or as a condiment


A gift speaks of us and the kind of person we are. Hence when a person is caring and loving then a gift like Rapeseed oil will reflect just that. A gift also informs the receiver how the giver feels for them. This bottle of healthy oil will tell your hostess what you perceive of her and how you feel about her; thus creating a healthy bond of friendship between the two of you. It will also speak of the concern of one homemaker for another person’s home.

So this Christmas, make Rapeseed oil your healthy gifting option and see your hostess smile with delight when she receives this. Rather, why wait for Xmas to wish her well, you can gift this great oil to your hostess any time she invites you. She’ll be glad to have you share your culinary secret with her and also appreciate your concern for her family. So gift your hostess this gift and make life long friends.

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