Christmas should always be a light-hearted event, but if you wish to get sincere with your planning, you absolutely should feel entitled to. There are some who simply decorate their homes with a little tinsel and a small plastic tree picked up from the local home furnishings store. That’s more than OK, and we are sure that said person would have a fantastic Christmas. Then there are some who might knit the stockings fully, always keep a beautiful collection of candles, one for each day of the advent, or perhaps chop down their own large tree and haul it back to their home.

While our blog is known for giving excellent Christmas advice to many families worldwide, we have never suggested that you are better or worse for applying your own tastes, and never will. Whatever makes your Christmas the most enjoyable for you should be absolutely valid. However, for the Christmas idealist, it could sometimes be that they wish to renovate or improve certain areas of their house, in a final effort to make Christmas, from now into the future, as functionally perfect as it can be.

For those people, we might recommend:

Renovating The Fireplace

A fireplace is a beautiful thing to have, and you’re very lucky if you have this potential space. Even better if it is connected to a working chimney. However, in many homes, it’s not uncommon for the chimney to be blocked, or the fireplace to be filled in, leaving only the shell of a mantle behind. Our question to you is – why not tailor this fireplace to your needs? Not only can this warm your living room with the glow of a functional fire, but it could also be a beautiful place to inspire your Christmas frontal decoration in your living room. A few stockings held above the fireplace on a cold Christmas morning is perhaps the picture we always return to when considering the joy of Christmas. So, renovating this space could be a great step forward. Even artificial fireplace options with high-definition displays and heating functionalities could be worthwhile here.

Creating A ‘Christmas Room’

It could be that when focusing on house extensions or when one of your loved ones flies the nest, you decide to convert a spare room into a place to celebrate Christmas, to prepare for it, and to spend time with your crafts. It could be for just a temporary period, or perhaps this event planning space could be prepped ahead of time. This might be a place where you wrap the presents, where you help prune the Christmas tree a little before displaying it in your home, or when spending time with your child crafting Christmas decoration and help them construct their toys after the big day arrives. It could also be a place to create preserves and other goodies for the Christmas dinner.

Maximising Floor Space

There’s something worthwhile about sitting down on the floor next to your children when they open their presents and watch Christmas movies with you. For that, you might decide to clear out your living space by moving the large coffee table, by purchasing smaller bean bag chairs and purchasing a beautiful shag carpet. When you can interface with your child on their level, the entire thing becomes much more enjoyable and personal.

With this advice, we hope you can enjoy your home Christmas space to its fullest extent.

If you have any further tips on making your living space more Christmas-Friendly, feel free to share in the comments below or join All Things Christmas Facebook Group to talk about Christmas all-year long!