With holidays comes the task of shopping for gifts for all those who are close to us. For the ladies, while thinking about buying Christmas gifts for him, there is multiple options available based on their budget and preference. For some it is a fun experience and for others it is something they don’t look forward to, primarily because they are spoilt for choices.
What matters most here is that the gift should be personal and preferably something the man will use or like. Men in general are known to be more of practical nature than the ladies. So they would rather get a gift with some utility purpose.

For those men who are fond of music, you can pick up an iPod so that he can load it with his favorite music and carry with him or a collection of CD’s. You could even find out if his favorite band is playing in town and get him passes for the same. For sport lovers, tickets to a game would be the ideal surprise. Or if he is more into physical fitness and being in shape, the ideal gift would be either fitness gear like a good pair of running shoes or a short term or long term membership to a leading gym or health club. Another alternative while looking for Christmas gifts for him would be a gift voucher, and he can buy whatever he wants.
christmas gifts for him

Ideas for him

  1. Kitchen appliance
  2. Decoration for her bedroom
  3. A shopping voucher
  4. A dinner
  5. A romantic trip
  6. Handmade gifts
  7. Spa or beauty treatment
  8. Annual membership of a gym

A beautiful ornate ashtray or a box of expensive cigars will sure cater to the man who is into smoking and appreciates good cigars. One gift that is known to dazzle any man is a set of golf clubs or even a membership to a local golf club provided he enjoys golfing.


Find a gift Shop by personality. Finding the perfect gift can be tricky, so we’re here to make life easier for you. Try our giftfinder. What type is your friend / relative?

Other ideas

While shopping for Christmas gifts him, the easiest things to satisfy them would be an instant mobile charger if he spends a lot of time over the phone and if he is into gadgets, an electronic shaver or a laptop would be the perfect gift. If the man is a travel lover, a holiday package in a resort or an island is what you need to look at.

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Christmas gifts
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