Christmas is a festival of lights, sound, action and drama. Celebrate it to the hilt involving everyone. Possibly, it is the best time to deck up the house. One way of making a house attractive during Christmas is by lightening it up with colorful lights. This is referred to as outdoor Christmas lights.

Outdoor lighting became a popular phenomenon during the 1950s. In December of 1950, Joseph H. Ward, executive vice-president of the Noma Electric Company, predicted that the booming economy would lead to an increase in outdoor Christmas lights: “This is the first year since the war that there is enough electrical power and merchandise to really go all out . . . I think we’ll have brilliantly decorated towns for at least several Christmases to come in contrast to the blackout of Outdoor Christmas lights during World War II.”

Reeling from the trauma wrought by the war, people took advantage of these new resources to create increasingly fantastical oudoor christmas light designs. As people flocked in droves to Disneyland to escape into a magical retreat that evoked friendly, small-town feelings, so too did they erect gleaming, secularized shrines at Christmas time as a testament to the legacy of a simpler time. Read more at “Christmas Lights and Community Building in America”.

Executing outdoor Christmas lights is not a difficult job. However, you have to be extremely careful while selecting the colors of the lights. The selection of the color depends on the texture and paint color of the outside walls. Most of the houses are painted in either light or moderate colors, which do not create a splash. Read more about how to set up outdoor christmas light here: Christmas lights.

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